Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Madness Of Jealousy

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Xu Nian watched Fan Xiaochen from behind, and the flares in his eyes burned bright.

He always liked Fan Xiaochen, and now that Fan Xiaochen had what it took to give him the dream life, how could he not fall for it?

His passion turned into hatred when he saw the woman by Fan Xiaochens side.


How dare she steal his man away!

"Mr. Fan, dont forget what Ive taught you. As long as you follow the script, I promise to give you what you wish for."

Yes, the woman that Xu Nian was hating on was Lin Wanwan, who had murmured to Fan Xiaochen.

Although Fan Xiaochen didnt get her point, he nodded.

"I recall that Xu Nian has always wanted to taste the desserts here. I can afford them now, but he is never coming back." His expression was sad without him needing to put on an act.

Before he could finish his line, a gentle voice came.


Fan Xiaochen looked back in surprise and opened his arms to Xu Nian, who ran to him like a bird returning to its nest.

Lin Wanwan stepped up and stood in his way.

Facing the glare on Xu Nians face, Lin Wanwan smirked.

"You are Xu Nian, arent you? Why are you here?"

"Move!" Xu Nian yelled at her.

Lin Wanwan didnt move an inch, so Xu Nian turned to Fan Xiaochen, looking like an injured deer.

"Weve been apart for only two weeks and youve already forgotten about me? Ive been thinking about you every second of my life, how cruel"

"I have not!"

Fan Xiaochen panicked and had replied hurriedly. However, sensing Lin Wanwans fierce look, he shut his mouth before giving any further explanation.

"Lets talk in the room."

The three entered Lin Wanwans lounge.

The size and decoration were way better than He Lans lounge. Xu Nian held down the thirst in his heart and stared at Fan Xiaochen with teary eyes. Fan Xiaochen couldnt bear the look and was close to telling him everything.

Lin Wanwan gave him a warning look before turning to Xu Nian. "Why are you looking for Xiaochen? Arent you getting married soon?"

Xiaochen was a nickname just for him!

Xu Nian was buried in jealousy, but on the surface, he looked wronged as he sniffed his nose.

"Xiaochen, you know that you are the only one I love. Ive realized your importance after I left, and I want to go back to you. I dont even like that woman! My heart is yours, and my body can be touched only by you. Would you still accept me?"

Lin Wanwan almost puked.

She looked at Fan Xiaochen, who was getting sentimental, and her words came out harsh due to her profound disgust. "Right. After all, you can only be touched by others because you dont have the ability to be the one on top."

It was not only Xu Nian who was enraged by those words. Fan Xiaochen was angry as well.

"Lin Wanwan!"

He clenched his fists, but his kind nature didnt allow him to punch her. All he did was glare at her, then walked up to hold Xu Nian by the waist.

"Lets go!"

Xu Nian leaned in his arms and gave Lin Wanwan a provocative grin.

Lin Wanwan was not worried at all.

"Xu Nian, you should have heard of me even if you dont recognize me."

Xu Nian knew that Lin Wanwan was a rising star.

"So what?"

He buried his head in Fan Xiaochens chest and put on a sweet smile. "Xiaochen is mine, and I belong to him. No one can break us apart."