Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Shameless Ones Should Get What They Deserve

Fan Xiaochen placed his hand on Xu Nians head, his eyes melting.

Lin Wanwan pondered about Xu Nians last line before breaking into a smile.

She needed only one sentence to break him apart.

"Xu Nian, Im an actor, and acting is what Im good at. My meeting with Mr. Fan was coincidental, and I decided to help him by putting on this act. Now that you guys are back together, I wish you a happy ending."

Xu Nians expression froze. "Acting?"

"Yes. I have no relationship with Mr. Fan, so dont worry about it."

This was not what he cared about!

Xu Nian sounded like he was in a rush. "The stocks"

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Of course, that was an act."

Fan Xiaochen sensed the stiffness of his body and thought that he was angry. "Im sorry, I didnt mean to lie to you. Dont worry; I will work hard to give you the life that you want. Lets go. I have a candlelight dinner prepared."

Those words sounded touching, but Xu Nian couldnt bring himself to smile.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

He Lan was confused to see that Xu Nian and Fan Xiaochen were hugging. "Xu Nian, this is"

Xu Nian reacted quickly and pushed Fan Xiaochen off!

His movement was rough and sudden, and Fan Xiaochen was propelled several steps away. He watched as his lover held He Lan by the waist and put on that same smile.

"Laner, he is a friend from the past. We were excited to reunite after all these years."

"I see." He Lans expression brightened as she cracked a joke, "Although Im into it, I wouldnt want my husband to be bent."

Fan Xiaochen stared right at Xu Nian.

Xu Nian didnt dare to meet his eyes.

He loved Fan Xiaochen.

But he loved the luxurious life more.

He pinched He Lans cheeks. "Weve been dating for half a year. Dont you know my heart by now? You are my only love."

Fan Xiaochen felt something inside him breaking apart.

Half a year?

Wasnt it just a month?

"Xu Nian, you are so nice to me." He Lan was touched.

Xu Nian barely held on to his composure. He rushed in fear of Fan Xiaochen spilling the truth. "Laner, lets go. Ill go shopping with you after dessert."

"Great. Didnt your watch break? I can get you a new one. Anything around a million is fine."

Xu Nians eyes brightened up, and his voice got even softer. "Im not here for your money. What I love is your personality."

Fan Xiaochen finally got the picture.

He had fallen for a gold-digger.

All that innocence and simplicity was just in his imagination.

The only reason that Xu Nian broke up with him was that he was poor.

He Lan held on to Xu Nians hand. "Say goodbye to your friend."

Xu Nian could only obey as he turned to Fan Xiaochen.

His eyes looked pitiful as usual, and Fan Xiaochen had never been able to resist that look. But now

He found it gross!

"Leave." He had only that one word to say, calm and cold.

While it brought pain to Xu Nians heart, he felt more relief.

He knew that Fan Xiaochen had finally given up on him.

Given his personality, Fan Xiaochen wouldnt take revenge upon him despite giving up on him.

Lin Wanwan, on the other hand, was different.

Shameless ones should get what they deserve!