Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048 The Brutal Truth

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"Ms. He."

Lin Wanwan stopped He Lan before they could leave.

"Would you like to see something interesting?"

He Lan just noticed Lin Wanwan around the corner of the room. "You are Lin Wanwan? Ball! Why are you here? Are you inviting me to your new movie? Thats amazing!"

Apparently, she was a fan.

"Right here." Lin Wanwan took the remote on the table.

Xu Nian had a bad feeling about this as he pulled He Lan by her sleeve. "Laner, Im not feeling well. Lets go back and rest."

He Lans voice became impatient. "Xu Nian, its a rare chance for me to interact with my idol. Dont mess it up for me, would you?"

Xu Nian watched as Lin Wanwan turned on the TV screen.

The screen lit up.

An erotic scene entered the eyes of everyone.

A slim man was held beneath a muscular guy. His face was filled with lust as he yelled indecent words.

The scene changed.

The man below was the same, but there was a different man on top.

The screen changed quite a few times.


Xu Nian screamed hysterically as he staggered over to cover the screen with his body.

However, the screen was way too large to be blocked. He grabbed a vase and smashed it onto the screen.

There was a tiny crack, but the file didnt stop playing.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

He continued slamming it as if he had lost his sanity.

Lin Wanwan watched the disbelief on Fan Xiaochens face. "Take note of the time."

Fan Xiaochens body trembled as his eyes turned red.

These videos were taken when he was still living with Xu Nian.

Staying over at friends houses was just an excuse to go out with other men

His lover wasnt just a gold-digger; he was also cheap and shameless!

Finally, the screen went off after countless attacks.

Xu Nian collapsed onto the ground with a pale face.

He Lan walked over, grabbed him by the hair, and gave him a tight slap!

Xu Nians fair cheeks were left with a few hideous marks.


He Lan wasnt done. After slapping him until blood was spilling from his lips, she finally stopped. "Xu Nian, how dare you play with my feelings? Just wait, I will make sure you regret this!"

Finished, she stomped out of the door.

Although the He family wasnt anything too grand, it was still a piece of cake for them to make him suffer for the rest of his life.

Xu Nians body trembled in fear, but his eyes brightened up when it scanned past Fan Xiaochen.

"Xiaochen, you have to save me!"

He crawled over and held on to Fan Xiaochens legs. Tears ran down his cheeks like waterfalls.

"Xiaochen, Ive learned my mistake. Forgive me, and I will never leave you again. You promised to protect me with your life. I will die without your help!"

Lin Wanwan turned to Fan Xiaochen. "I have completed my promise to you. However, do you still want a relationship like this?"

Fan Xiaochen looked at Xu Nians muddled face, and all he had was sorrow in his heart.

At that moment, he didnt know what to do.