Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 Living A Life In Pain

If he hadnt realized Xu Nians true colors, he might have remembered him for life, missed him for life, and waited for him.

However, Xu Nians true colors proved how blind he was.

He gave up his wealth and family for a disgusting man like this.

How hilarious.

Fan Xiaochen bent down and held Xu Nians hand.

Just as Xu Nian tried to hug him in joy, he pushed his fingers off one by one. He was forceful and determined.

"Xu Nian, not punishing you will be my greatest mercy. I wont love you, and I wont hate you. Lets never meet again."

He stood up, and his silhouette looked strong and broken.


If Fan Xiaochen wouldnt protect him, who would shield him from He Lans anger? Who would protect him? Who would give him the life that he wanted?

"Fan Xiaochen, you damn liar, didnt you say that you love me?! Why are you going over such small mistakes! Why would I have cheated on you if you werent so poor? Its all your fault! Xiaochen, come back"

Xu Nian was at his limit. Before he could go crawl after Fan Xiaochen, there came a piercing pain on his right hand.

"Do you regret this?"

Lin Wanwans eight-centimeter heels stepped on the back of his hand as she stared down at the pathetic man.

"Unfortunately, its too late to regret it. Let me warn you, do not look for Fan Xiaochen again. Otherwise, I will post your videos online and let the world see how gross you are."

Xu Nian loathed her. "You b*tch!"

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue. "You are in luck."

If Lu Zhanbei were here, this guy wouldnt live for more than fifteen seconds.

Lin Wanwan leaned over and whispered by his ear, "By the way, the stocks were real. Fan Xiaochen had gathered five hundred million to give to you as a betrothal gift. Too bad for you. Do you know your mistake?"

Xu Nian couldnt hold it in anymore and burst into tears on the ground.

Lin Wanwan grinned.

She was lying.

For a gold-digger like this, its only right for him to live his life in pain and regret.

Lin Wanwan didnt rush Fan Xiaochen to keep his promise. She wanted him to have a few days to himself.

The next day, Lin Wanwan went to the Haitian Theater to attend the opening of "Fiery Rose."

After appropriate consideration, they signed Luo Han as the male lead.

Lin Wanwan smiled. She and Luo Han were destined, after all.

Lu Zhanbei had put up a wall to keep Luo Han out. In the end?

They were to act as a couple again.

When she gets back, she would tell the "good news" to Lu Zhanbei!

However, she was surprised that Lin Qingxi became the second lead in the show.

Be it Luo Han or Lin Qingxi, they held higher positions in the industry than Lin Wanwan did. That was why she wasnt getting as much attention as before.

"Fiery Rose" rose to fame before the shoot began.

Be it because of the special meaning behind it or because of the all-out publicity by the TV station, they drew the attention of everyone in the country.

The shoot officially began after the opening ceremony.

She went to the studio early.

The shoot was held in long durations, and Lin Wanwan bought some desserts as presents as usual.