Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Money Moves

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She placed the desserts on the table and called the staff to share them.

While everyone was happily picking, a gentle voice came over.

"It seems like great minds think alike; I have prepared a gift for everyone as well."

Everyone turned.

Lin Qingxi was wearing an off-shoulder dress, and there was a short diamond lace at her waist. She was giving off a pure and innocent vibe.

"Ada, prepare the gifts."

Ada walked over and opened a bag. From the bag came delicate boxes.

Exclamations resounded in the place as everyone opened their boxes.

"Wah, jade earrings!"

"Mine is a platinum bracelet, how delicate!"

"Lin Qingxi doesnt put the title of an international star to shame. How generous!"

Lin Qingxis smile was bright and gentle amidst the praises. "Dont mind this. My boyfriend works in the jewelry field. If anyone wants to buy gems in the future, please look for me. I will get you guys a good price."

Her words brought on another round of praises.

The staff put the desserts down and crowded around her. It was like she was their old friend.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the deserted desserts and shrugged her shoulders.

Money moves.

A pure heart would never compare to cold hard cash.

Lin Qingxi looked over at Lin Wanwan, who was looking through the scripts, and smirked.

"Actor Luo is here!" someone yelled.

All the attention was on him.

Lin Qingxi knew the position that Luo Han held in the local stage, so she approached him with a smile. "Luo Han, Im happy to be working with you. I have a gift for you as well."

Adas box for Luo Han looked way more expensive than that the others, and that clearly applied to what was inside as well.

"Sow nothing and reap nothing."

Luo Han didnt give much of a reaction to her welcome. He walked straight to Lin Wanwan and glanced at the desserts on the table.

"Did you buy those?"

"Yep. Want some?"

Luo Han took a bite of a mousse. "This is a new product from Golden Sparrow. Buying so much would cost hundreds of thousands."

Lin Wanwan joked around with him. "Youve got a sharp tongue."

Luo Han grinned and continued eating with grace.

The crowd was shocked.

Did a few dozens of cake cost hundreds of thousands? That wasnt any cheaper than Lin Qingxis gift.

The staff recalled their reaction to the desserts and felt a little embarrassed. In the end, Lin Wanwan was the one who invited them to have the sweets.

Her actions pulled some votes from the staff.

Lin Qingxi looked at Lin Wanwan, who was surrounded by the staff, and her smile became a little awkward.

Although no one said a thing, she felt like everyone was laughing at her.

Ada came up carefully. "Qingxi, dont be mad"

"Shut up." Lin Qingxi wasnt one who was easily angered, so she walked over calmly.

On the first day of the shoot, the studio was busy setting up the scene. Actors were rushing to change as time flew.

At dusk, Director Yue Xiang announced the end of the shoot and invited everyone for dinner.

Everyone agreed with the suggestion. The gathering was at a famous restaurant.

The atmosphere was heated in the lounge.

Lin Wanwan was texting Lu Zhanbei in the corner of the room.