Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Hate It When Someone Invades My Privacy

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"I might be back late tonight. Rest early and dont wait for me."

"Didnt plan to wait for you."

"Who would warm your bed if you dont wait for me?"

"Tian Ba has taken your place."


Before Lin Wanwan could reply, a swift shadow moved over to her. "Wanwan, are you chatting with your boyfriend?"

The sudden voice frightened Lin Wanwan, and she instinctively hid the phone behind her back.

Lin Qingxi had a glass of wine and joked, "You are chatting with your boyfriend and not some stranger. Why act like you are doing something wrong? Cute."

It sounded like a casual joke, but her words were rather dubious.

Lin Wanwans boyfriend was Luo Hans uncle. What was there to hide? Was she really talking to another man?

Before others started having doubts, Lin Wanwan said calmly, "Please mind your words. Im not a thief, and Im not diffident. I just hate it when someone invades my privacy."

Lin Qingxis expression didnt change. "Sorry, it was my fault."

"This is not to be repeated."

The atmosphere became a little tense.

Someone coughed and changed the topic. "Director Yue, Ive heard that the CEO of the Global Corporation sponsors the show. Is that true?"

"It is."

Everyone walked toward Yue Xiang and started a discussion.

"That CEO Lu is considered the most mysterious mogul in the country. No one knows how he looks to this day, and even his full name isnt revealed. All we know is that he is below thirty and that he is wealthier than some small countries!"

"Ive heard that hes not married. Could it be that he has issues in certain areas, or is he ugly?"

"Director Yue, this is our first meeting, do you think he will attend this?"

Director Yue was getting a headache from all the questions. "I have invited CEO Lu. However, he would probably not attend this, given his personality."

The crew sighed in disappointment.

Lin Wanwan pouted.

Lin Qingxi noticed her expression, so she asked with a smile, "Wanwan, do you know him?"

Lin Wanwan glanced at her as she shook her head. "Nope."

"Is that true?" Lin Qingxi grinned. "Ive heard about him when I was abroad. My boyfriend had wanted to collaborate with him, but he didnt get the chance to meet him. It would be great if he would come today."

Her words got her some attention.

"Qingxi, you said that your boyfriend works with jewelry. Who is he? He must be rich to be able to collaborate with CEO Lu."

Lin Qingxi combed her hair shyly, but the door was pushed open before she could say a word.

"Sorry Im late."

The crew turned to look and was left gasping.

The lights were dim in the lounge, so they couldnt see his face clearly, but they felt his soaring and unstoppable aura.

He came in with simple steps, but that born gracefulness was enough to draw everyones eyeballs.

"Pu" Lin Wanwan spattered the drink in her mouth the moment she looked up.

When the crew got a glimpse of the mans face, there was a moment of astonishment.

The girls seemed to be lost in the moment.

"CEO Lu?!"