Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Uninvited Guest

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Yue Xiang was the first to react. He rushed over, and his respectful gestures spelled fawning.

"Have a seat here."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Lin Wanwans shocked expression, and his lips curved as if her reaction entertained him.

The brief beam almost made the girls scream.

"Im just here to chill, dont mind me."

He picked a seat not far away from Lin Wanwan.

The lounge was strangely silent.

Everyone was secretly studying Lu Zhanbei. Although no one dared to discuss about him openly, there were lots of eyeing going around.

Finally, a baby-faced makeup artist couldnt help but push Lin Qingxi out.

"Qingxi, didnt you want to see CEO Lu? Hes here now, say something!"

The rest nodded along.

They wanted to know more about Lu Zhanbei but didnt dare to act. That was why they sent Lin Qingxi out to be the first.

The moment Lin Qingxi saw him, she knew that he was a dangerous man.

However, there was no way to rewind time.

Lin Qingxi walked over to Lu Zhanbei.

"Mr. Lu, I"

Before she could introduce herself, Lu Zhanbei whipped out his phone.

Lin Wanwan: "Why are you here?"

"Out for a walk and came here accidentally."

"Do you think I will believe that?"

Lu Zhanbei grinned.

"Mr. Lu"

Lin Qingxi had never felt so embarrassed, and she could sense the mockery in everyones eyes.

They were mocking her arrogance and pretension.

Lu Zhanbei just seemed to realize that someone was standing before him. He looked up and stared at her with a pair of misty and laidback eyes.

Although Lin Qingxi was in love with her boyfriend, she still found herself blushing for a second.


Lin Qingxi felt a sense of relief in her heart as she beamed. "Mr. Lu, my boyfriend has been looking for a chance to collaborate with you. If you have any intention to collaborate, how about picking a time?"

"Im not interested in any collaboration right now."

"Sorry for asking."

Lin Qingxi didnt show any disappointment as she grinned at him politely before returning to her seat.

Lin Qingxis return made everyone realize how unapproachable Lu Zhanbei was.

Lu Zhanbei sat far from the crowd. Although he didnt drink or joke around with the rest, he didnt act all almighty.

Soon, the atmosphere returned to normal.

After a few drinks, the mood was at its peak, and someone suggested playing games.

"A party would be boring if we only drink. Heres a deck of cards I brought. Lets shuffle it up and take turns to draw a card, and the two with jokers can sing a duet or have a drink!"

Most agreed to the suggestion.

The one who suggested the game whispered to Yue Xiang, "Director Yue, would you ask Mr. Lu if he would like to join?"

He didnt dare to talk to Lu Zhanbei, but he feared to offend him if they didnt include him.

Yue Xiang glared at him; why did he think that he would dare to ask?

Lin Wanwan was forced into playing the game as well. Hearing the discussion between them, she walked up to Lu Zhanbei. All she wanted was to finish the game and go home for a good night of sleep.

"Mr. Lu, join us?"