Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 Not Exciting Enough

Lin Wanwans sudden words shocked everyone. They disapproved of it in their hearts.

Even Lin Qingxi had failed in flirting. Wasnt Lin Wanwan just inviting humiliation?

He was an especially-privileged person. Why would he mingle with them?

However, they were slapped in the face in the next second.


Everyone had strange looks on their faces. The women were very excited.

The makeup artist with a cute baby face quietly held the man who was dealing the cards. "Can you deal two joker cards to me and CEO Lu? Please, please. Ill treat you to a big meal tomorrow!"

The man rolled his eyes at her. "In order to climb higher up the ranks, you even dare to lay a hand on him. I guess you dont want to live anymore."

He shuffled the poker cards and dealt them out.

After hed dealt them out, everyone started to show their card.

"I got a 7 of hearts. Who got the joker?"

Lin Qingxi rubbed her lips and smiled. "I got the small joker."

"Who got the big joker?"

As everyone except Lu Zhanbei had shown their cards, everyones gazes landed on him.

"Its me."

Seeing this situation, everyone had on subtle expressions. The women were both envious and troubled, and while the men would have liked to kick up a fuss, they didnt have the guts.

As for Lin Qingxi, she looked like she was put in a difficult spot. However, a glimmer of joy that couldnt be seen in public flashed past her heart.

Although she already had a boyfriend, if she could attract good feelings from Lu Zhanbei, that would not only boost her career, but it would also be a form of manifestation of her charm.

"Theres no need to drink from each others glasses. Is CEO Lu willing to sing a duet with me?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan from the corner of his eye. He saw her raise her wine glass and pay tribute to him. Her eyes carried with them a playful smile, as if waiting to see the excitement.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes curved into a dangerous arc. He retrieved his gaze, looked at Lin Qingxi, and was suddenly stunned.

He suddenly realized that this woman looked quite similar to Lin Xiao.

As he was the focal point, Lu Zhanbeis changes in expression naturally couldnt escape everyones attention.

Could it be that CEO Lu fancied Lin Qingxi?

Everyone passed on their thoughts using their eyes.

"CEO Lu?" The smile on Lin Qingxis face became deeper. In her heart, she felt proud that even such a man could fall for her.

"Im willing to admit defeat. If CEO Lu isnt willing to sing, why dont we drink"

Lu Zhanbei interrupted her before she was done speaking. "Sorry. I will neither sing nor drink."

The smile on Lin Qingxis face froze immediately.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. Could he find a more mindless excuse?

Everyone looked at one another. It was obvious CEO Lu didnt want to have any intimate contact with Lin Qingxi.

Amidst the awkward atmosphere, Lu Zhanbei took the initiative and said, "Sorry for being a spoilsport. However, I think that the stakes are too simple. Theyre not exciting enough. Why dont we change it to something else?"

His sentence immediately garnered everyones interest.

"Whats considered exciting?"

"Why dont the two people who picked the joker cards kiss?"

"What if the two who picked the joker cards are both men?"

"Thats exciting enough. Heartbeats will race!"

Everyone discussed such a result. Lu Zhanbei seemed to have hesitated for a while, then agreed. "This is my first time playing such a game. Why dont everyone give me face and let me deal the cards out?"

Who would dare to oppose? They naturally nodded.

Lu Zhanbei shuffled the poker cards in his hands and dealt them out in turn.

Everyone who received a card felt flattered. They felt that CEO Lu wasnt as cold and arrogant as he looked and was relatively down to earth.

It was Lin Wanwans turn at the end.