Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Ceo Lu Was Being Kissed Forcibly

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When Lin Wanwan reached out to take a card, Lu Zhanbeis slightly cold fingertip rubbed against her palm gently.

Lin Wanwan gave him a subtle glare. An ominous feeling flashed past her heart.

"Turn up your cards."

Everyone showed their cards. As Lin Wanwan flipped over the poker card in her palm, someone immediately cheered, "Wanwan got the small joker!"

"Who got the big joker?"

The others shook their heads. Only Lu Zhanbei frowned. "Its with me again."

Lin Qingxi was the first to say something. "It looks like Lin Wanwans quite lucky tonight."

The women wanted to chime in. However, when they saw Lu Zhanbeis cold and arrogant face, they immediately retreated.

If CEO Lu wasnt willing, what was the point of getting a joker?

Lin Qingxis previous ending was still vivid in their minds.

Just when everyone felt that Lu Zhanbei would find another excuse to refuse again, Lin Wanwan suddenly said, "If I decline, whats to be my punishment?"

Upon hearing this, most of them sucked in a breath of cold air.

Was Lin Wanwan hating on CEO Lu? She had guts!

However, Lin Qingxi felt that Lin Wanwan was smart. Instead of being rejected by Lu Zhanbei, it was better for her to step down from the stage.

However, she wouldnt let Lin Wanwan have her way.

"If Wanwan doesnt want to have a kiss with CEO Lu, why dont you pick someone from the gentlemen here?"

Lin Wanwan didnt have Lu Zhanbeis power to threaten. Thus, a lot of people kicked up a fuss.

"Yes, this punishments good."

"Wanwan, you must be willing to accept defeat!"

Lin Wanwan frowned tightly. If she dared to kiss other men in front of Lu Zhanbei, she would definitely not be able to see the sun tomorrow morning.

This woman Lin Qingxi was forcing her to be high-profile.

Lin Wanwan stood up and walked straight toward Lu Zhanbei.

Seeing her intentions, everyone subconsciously held their breaths.

Just as Lin Wanwan was walking toward Lu Zhanbei and planning to give him her kiss

Lu Zhanbei suddenly took a step back.

The intended rejection was clear.


It was unknown who let out a soft chuckle. Shortly after, more people let out low laughter, mocking Lin Wanwan for not knowing her place well.

"I initially thought that she knew her place well. Now, it looks like theres only that much to it."

"Based on CEO Lus identity, I dont know how many daughters from prestigious families want to marry him. Do you know Feng Xiaowei? A small piece of gossip. I heard that even she cant fall into CEO Lus eyes. Wanwans just a small-time celebrity. Where did she get the confidence that CEO Lu will kiss her?"

"Look, he has rejected her, but shes still being thick-skinned and not leaving. Why didnt I realize before that shes so disgusting?"

As she listened to these discussions, Lin Qingxis lips curved up higher.

Lin Wanwan, who was being despised by everyone, was making eye contact with Lu Zhanbei.

"Did you do this deliberately?"

"You rejected me first. Want to kiss me now? No way."

This damned arrogance!

Lin Wanwan cursed silently. Under everyones looks of sarcasm, she tip-toed and grabbed Lu Zhanbeis neck.

Exclamation sounded all around.

CEO Lu was being kissed forcibly!

Everyone was horrified and thought that Lu Zhanbei would push Lin Wanwan away at the first instance.

However, he didnt.

Lin Wanwans tender tongue was very agile. It slid in and out of his lips and teeth, bringing about feelings of ecstasy.

Lu Zhanbei instinctively held her slender waist. He deepened the kiss and tasted this unique tenderness and sweetness.

Without any exception, everyones mouth formed an O-shape.

What was this situation?

CEO Lu! Actually didnt reject Lin Wanwans kiss!