Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Do You Know Jin Yuan?

"I was just too excited to see you. Here, let me introduce them to you."

The crew was amused to see Jin Yuan.

He had a handsome face with defined features. It was close to the look of a white knight in every girls dream. The classy and polished aura was also something no ordinary man could have.

Unfortunately, there was Lu Zhanbei.

"Mr. Lu?" Jin Yuan spotted Lu Zhanbei in the corner almost immediately.

There was a type of person in this world who will shine no matter where he was or what hes wearing. It was like a firefly in the dark; it never escapes the eyes.

Lu Zhanbei was someone like that.

Jin Yuan walked over and greeted him with a smile. "I didnt expect to see you here."

Lu Zhanbei looked up. "CEO of Xiangyuan Corporation."

Xiangyuan Corporation?

The crew was surprised.

Although Xiangyuan didnt step into Asia, it was very famous in South America. They had lots of branches and were involved in many fields of work.

Jin Yuan was also nominated for the Forbes World Billionaires and ranked seventh.

Lin Qingxis boyfriend had such an influential background and didnt fall behind Mr. Lu.

Lin Qingxis gloom from before faded as she felt the admiration of everyone.

Jin Yuan could tell that Lu Zhanbei was not interested in a chat. He followed Lin Qingxi to Yue Xiang.

The last one to be introduced was Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan was looking at her phone all this while. When she finally looked up, she was stunned.

Its him!

Lin Qingxi sensed the change in her eyes and figured that she was interested in Jin Yuan. Keeping the disdain to herself, she was still all smiles.

"Wanwan, this is my boyfriend, Jin Yuan. This is Lin Wanwan, the female lead of the show."

So she was Lin Wanwan.

The one whod replaced Lin Xian in "The Distance Just for You."

"Hi." Lin Wanwan quickly gathered her emotions and shook his hand.

Lin Qingxi held on to Jin Yuans arm and played the woman. "Yuan, my legs are getting sore."

Jin Yuan held her by the waist. "Should I send you home?"


Lin Qingxi nodded. The corner of her eyes saw Lin Wanwans stiff expression, and she finally felt accomplished.

"Yuan, its been a month since you said that you would come back to Xia country for me. I need to punish you! How about going shopping with me tomorrow?"


Lin Qingxi was like a girl who was deeply in love, and Jin Yuan was like the perfect boyfriend. All the ladies were getting jealous of them.

"Well leave now. See you tomorrow."

The pair took their exit, leaving behind a group of people gossiping about them.

Amidst the chaos, Lu Zhanbei stood and left after signaling Yue Xiang to stay put.

Before he left, he gave Lin Wanwan a look.

A few minutes later, Lin Wanwan left the lounge.

She got into a van parked in a quiet place.

On the way home, the pair was exceptionally quiet.

At the Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei called, "Do you know Jin Yuan?"

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered. "Nope."

"What I meant was that, did Lin Xiao know him?"


"Are you sure?"