Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 No Pain No Gain

Lu Zhanbei didnt bother looking back. His exit was fast and urgent, and there was no way that Lin Wanwan could catch up with him.

He must have been mad.

When she got to the study room, the door was already locked.

Lin Wanwan knocked on the door. "Lu Zhanbei, open the door!"

"" There was no response.

Lin Wanwan kept on knocking.

Finally, she ran out of patience and kicked the door wide open.

The lights were off.

Lu Zhanbei leaned against the sofa, and his eyes stared into the ceiling. Under the moonlight, she could see no expression on his face. However, his eyes carried too many emotions: doubt, confusion, mockery, insanity and a hint of weakness.

When a man that strong showed a sign of weakness, it was harrowing to watch.

Lin Wanwan swallowed the joke that she wanted to tell as the atmosphere got serious.

"Lu Zhanbei" Lin Wanwan made her way into his arms.

Lu Zhanbei didnt resist, nor did he respond.

Feeling his heartbeat, Lin Wanwan put away her emotions and locked fingers with the man.

In the end, she put their hands at her heart.

"You are the only one I love, from the beginning to the end."

Lu Zhanbei finally looked at her but looked away quickly.

"Fine, Ill tell you the truth."

Lin Wanwans loosened her shoulders and decided to hesitate no longer.

"In fact, Jin Yuan was my was Lin Xiao fianc."

Lu Zhanbeis hand clenched at her waist, and Lin Wanwan yelled in pain. "Ouch! Dont get mad and listen to me!"

Lu Zhanbei loosened his grip and held down the anger in his heart. "Continue."

Lin Wanwan fidgeted with a button on Lu Zhanbeis shirt as she organized her language. "Since youve loved me for a long time, you should know that I was an orphan."


Lin Wanwan was sent to the orphanage at the age of five. He knew the information about her after she was five, but not before that.

"Its been too long, and my memories are blurry. I recall that that family of mine moved here from M Country. Although the family was wealthy, it didnt have enough connections to stand its ground. My family wanted to raise the status of the Lin family, so I was arranged to marry Jin Yuan before I was born."

"For as long as I can remember, my family has been brainwashing me that a boy named Jin Yuan would become my husband. After some time, I had accepted the fact that I would marry him despite being so young."

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her by the chin, and a forceful and possessive kiss landed on her lips.

Lin Wanwans lips were hurt from the small bites, but she didnt push him away until it became gentle.

"Do you want me to continue?"

"Go on."

Lin Wanwan seemed to recall something as her eyes turned cold.

"My face was disfigured at five." She had lost the interest to go into the details.

Lu Zhanbei froze for a moment before nodding.

Lin Wanwan scorned, "In a competitive family, the only use for a daughter is to build connections through marriages. Once I was disfigured, there was no use for me, was there?"

Lu Zhanbei put a hand on her cheek. "Im glad that you were abandoned."


"No pain, no gain."

If she had stayed with the Lin family, he wouldnt have met her. On the other hand, she would have married another man.