Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 You Are Cute When You Get Jealous

Lin Wanwans mood brightened up immediately as she kissed him on the cheek. "Good saying."

Lu Zhanbeis tense lips loosened up. "Continue."

"Ive said what I needed to say, what else should I say?"

"Jin Yuan!"

Lin Wanwan met his cold eyes and buried her head in his chest. "You are getting jealous for strange reasons. I was sent to the orphanage at five, and Ive never met Jin Yuan. What would a five-year-old know about love?"

"Why did you pay attention to him afterward?"

A man would look vastly different as he grew, but Lin Wanwan managed to recognize him immediately.

"How did you know?"

Lin Wanwan realized that she shouldnt have said that and grinned apologetically. "I always remembered his name. When I heard the news about him, I recalled these memories as I looked through the news."

The last bit of frowning finally faded from his face.

"If I find out that theres another man in your heart, I"

Lin Wanwan wasnt afraid of his threat. She chuckled. "What are you going to do?"

Right, what could he do to her?

He couldnt bear to scold her, beat her, or even hurt her in the slightest way.

Looking into her eyes, Lu Zhanbei smiled. It wasnt a gentle and soothing smile, but one with a dangerous vibe.

"If you can shield your heart from another man, all I can do is lock you in bed. Love can be handmade."

"" Does this guy know shame?

Lin Wanwan changed the topic. "Why are you always focusing on the wrong thing? Dont you want to know how my face recovered?"

Lu Zhanbei grinned. "No."

Lin Wanwan choked on her words as Lu Zhanbei continued, "However, Im more interested in the one who destroyed your face."

Lin Wanwan shook his head. "I have no idea. I was young, and all I remember was waking up to a disfigured face. My parents said that the competing families did it."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes were deadly serious. "That excuse would only fool a child."

Lin Wanwan was only five, so she believed it.

"Lu Zhanbei, I am Lin Wanwan now, and Lin Xiao has become the past. Be it my parents or Jin Yuan, they are just strangers to me. We dont have to be wasting time on them."


Lin Wanwan rubbed her head against his chest. "Im tired, take me to bed."

Lu Zhanbei carried her to the bedroom.

Lin Wanwan didnt bother to bathe as she sought a comfortable spot. Before she slept, she burst out laughing all of a sudden.

"Lu Zhanbei."


"Theres something that I forgot to tell you."

"What is it?"

"You are cute when you get jealous."

Lu Zhanbei was speechless. ""

After a good nights sleep

Lin Wanwan rushed to the studio of "Fiery Rose" early in the morning. It had been her solo shoot for the past few days, and Luo Han and Lin Qingxi were now present.

The deadline for the deal with the Lin Group was a week away, and there was absolutely no progress made.

Lin Wanwan considered looking for Fan Xiaochen after work.