Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 You Never Know Ones True Colors

"Wanwan, there is someone called Mr. Fan looking for you."

"Got it, thank you."

Lin Wanwan walked out and saw Fan Xiaochen waiting outside the studio.

"You have finally appeared, and its a little earlier than I expected."

Fan Xiaochen was in a simple white shirt and long pants, and he looked like a freshman in college.

His expression was no longer that miserable, and his vibe was sharp like a blade.

"Its time for me to keep my promise."

"Lets talk at the cafe."

Lin Wanwan got a lounge and ordered two cups of black coffee.

Fan Xiaochen stirred the coffee. "Other than doing business, there is nothing much that I can do. You are the second daughter of the Lin family. Is this related to the Lin Group?"

"Smart." Lin Wanwan took the documents out of her bag. "I want you to help me complete this project and work as my manager in the Lin Group. Salary-wise, I will pay you by the highest market price."

Fan Xiaochen took the file and started browsing.

A minute later, he had already found the problem. "It is clearly stated that Miles and Lin both hold the activation authority of the project, but there can be no third party involved. The Lin Group alone could never complete this project."

"Yes, and that is why convincing Miles to join is the only way."

Fan Xiaochen took a sip of coffee, and the bitterness brewed in his mouth. "If it were you, would you forgive a betrayer?"

Lin Wanwan blinked. "That is why I need your help."

Fan Xiaochens finger tapped on the desk, and he was lost in thought. "Can you get me to meet the CEO of Miles Corporation?"

"Whats the likelihood of success if I can get him out?"

"Seventy percent."

Lin Wanwans eyes brightened up, and she was glad that her efforts didnt go to waste.

"Fine, Ill call you when I get him out. Lets exchange numbers."

Fan Xiaochen licked his lips. "I dont have a phone."

When he left the Fan family, he brought nothing with him.

Afterward, Xu Nian always complained that their quality of life was too low, so he gave every cent to Xu Nian. Fan Xiaochen, on the other hand, didnt even have money to take the bus.

Lin Wanwan had his background checked, so she knew very well the reason that he couldnt afford a phone.

Fortunately, she had something prepared. "This is an advance payment for half a year, and the password is six zeros." She grabbed a card from her purse.

Fan Xiaochen shook his head. "I have yet to be of any help."

"It doesnt matter; Im sure that you wont let me down."

Fan Xiaochen mocked himself. "I dont dare to trust myself."

Some used to say that he had the sharpest eyes, but he fell in love with a person like that.

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered. "What kind of person do you think I am?"

Fan Xiaochen took a moment to react before replying truthfully, "I learned about you on the internet. You are intelligent, full of ideas, and ambitious, but you know your limits."

Lin Wanwan was amused.

"Im not as great as you said. I do make the wrong picks as well. One of my rough diamonds betrayed me. My manager was worried that I would be bleeding over it. However, if I meet someone with potential again, I would still choose to help."

"You never know ones true colors. Sometimes, its not that we made the wrong call. Instead, they might be too good of an actor."