Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 106

Chapter 106 You Have The Right To Scold Me But I Also Have The Right To Say No 2

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“Too late!”

Lin Wanwan screamed and immediately realized that she had lost control. She closed her eyes and said tiredly, “Father. The reason why I’m still willing to call you that is purely because your blood is flowing in my body. If you really wish for me to live a good life, don’t come and disturb me in the future.”

Lin Qinghao said in a deep voice, “That means you’re not willing to leave that Mr. Lu? You’d rather self-degrade than follow me back to the Lin family?”


He did not understand anything and only knew how to act like a strict father in front of her. A pity that the real Lin Wanwan had died long ago, while he was taking on the attitude of a cold onlooker.

It was true that Tao Xinyue had committed an unforgivable sin. However, Lin Qinghao’s late repentance was even more detestable!

Lin Wanwan looked indifferent. “You can never compare to how well he has treated me. I know how you think of me in your heart, and that’s not wrong. I’m willing to be Lu Zhanbei’s lover, and I’m happy to hold his thigh without any shame. If this is self-degrading, I’m more than happy to be doing it.”

“You’re simply hopeless!” Lin Qinghao was extremely angry. He raised his hand and wanted to give her a slap.

Lin Wanwan avoided it by tilting her head. “Scold all you want. You have the right to scold me, but I also have the right to say no!”

“You disobedient little girl!”

Lin Qinghao was so angry that his veins were visible on his forehead. “I understand now. You and your mother are the same. Both of you are unfaithful and rely on the tactic of pretending to be a fool to numb me so that I’ll think you are an obedient child. Now that your wings have hardened, you have revealed your true colors! Fine, I have misjudged you!”

These words were simply too detestable. After saying them, Lin Qinghao also had a moment of regret.

Lin Wanwan suddenly laughed. Such an act of blaming others when one’s self was to be blamed was damn fascinating!

The scenes flashed past her mind one after another and finally settled on the scene where a lonely little girl was holding a toy rabbit doll.

During this moment, she seemed to be too into the character, really becoming the Lin Wanwan who grew up bullied.

So it turned out that, regardless of which life she was in, she was destined not to receive her parents’ love and concern.

That was good as well, since she had not experienced it before and did not need to experience it now.

“I am very pleased that you think of me this way.”

The pain in her heart surged up, but Lin Wanwan smiled even brighter.

“You’re an a*shole of a father to begin with. It’s tough for you to act like a kind father, and that act also disgusted me. It’s good that we had this conversation. You don’t want me as your daughter, I also don’t want you as my father. So, goodbye, and let’s not see each other again.”

Lin Qinghao panicked and tried to pull her hand.


Lin Wanwan avoided him and backed away a few steps to increase the distance between them. She quietly looked at him from afar.

“If you don’t leave, I don’t mind asking Mr. Lu to give you a lift. He’s quite fond of me. If I open my mouth, what problems do you think will happen to your business?”

“You if you continue to adhere to your foolish ways, the Lin family will no longer treat you as a daughter, and I will not give you any more money. I’ll give you one last chance to repent and leave with me. If not, I’ll announce the news tomorrow!” As Lin Qinghao threatened her, his expression was constantly changing.

Lin Wanwan sneered and shrugged her shoulders. “Thanks for the chance, but you can give it to someone else. I don’t need it.”

Eventually, Lin Qinghao looked at Lin Wanwan deeply and left, shaking his head.

Looking at his back disappearing in the dark, the smile on Lin Wanwan’s face started to fade.

A thin mist formed on the bottom of her eyes and turned into a clear teardrop, which then slipped down from the corners.

She subconsciously reached out her hand and wanted to wipe it, but another hand had beat her to it.