Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 Girl You Games Wont Work On Me

Fan Xiaochen looked down, and no one could tell what he was wondering about.

After some time, he looked up, and the sorrow in his eyes was gone.

"Ms. Lin, you would have been a great counselor."

He took the card from the table and bowed to Lin Wanwan.

"I will never forget the help you gave me. If there is anything that you need me for, I, Fan Xiaochen, will never say no."

Lin Wanwan got the number of the CEO of Miles Corporation from Si Han.

She contacted him the moment she returned to the Yun Mansion.

"Hi, is this Mr. Qin from Miles?"

"Yes, and you are?"

"This is Lin Wanwan. Is Mr. Qin free tomorrow? I would like to have a meal with you."

"Lin Wanwan? The second daughter of the Lin family?"

Lin Wanwan and Lin Wanxins competition wasnt published to the world, but those in the field did hear a word or two.

"If this is for that project thats been suspended, there is nothing to talk about."

Lin Wanwan had expected that response. "Mr. Qin, if you have made up your mind, you wouldnt change it no matter what I say. In that case, why would you reject me? Or are you afraid of being convinced?"

Qin Tianqi smirked. "Girl, your games wont work on me."

Lin Wanwan didnt lose her smile. "Ten in the morning, I will be waiting at the Jingtian Hotel tomorrow."

"Fine. Since you want to waste time, I will give you a chance!"

Lin Wanwan ended the call with a grin.

The next day, she picked up Fan Xiaochen and headed to the Jingtian Hotel.

They waited in the lounge for thirty minutes before Qin Tianqi arrived.

"Mr. Qin, have a seat."

Qin Tianqi put his attention on Fan Xiaochen after glancing at Lin Wanwan. "Fan Xiaochen? Why are you with Lin Wanwan?" He was surprised.

"Im Ms. Lins manager now."

Qin Tianqi was astounded. "I cant believe that you would return to business."

He knew about the Fan family, and he had tried to recruit Fan Xiaochen.

However, he was rejected.

Fan Xiaochen beamed. "One would pick those one deserves. Ms. Lin deserves my trust and alliance."

Qin Tianqi finally took a good look at Lin Wanwan.

The dishes were plated on the table. Lin Wanwan didnt rush to the topic but had the meal going.

It was a quiet meal.

Lin Wanwan was the first to put down her chopsticks. She turned to Fan Xiaochen and asked with a smile, "Xiaochen, if this project is activated, how much do you think the profit would be?"

Qin Tianqi clicked his tongue in disdain.

He knew that Lin Wanwan was here for that project.

However, no matter what she said, he wouldnt change his mind!

Fan Xiaochen was wearing a pair of gold glasses, setting off his professionalism. "This is a long-term project. With proper management, the investment can be returned in two years, and it will be beneficial in creating a wider connection."

Lin Wanwan found it fascinating. "Elaborate."

Fan Xiaochen continued slowly.

Qin Tianqi didnt pay much attention in the beginning. However, he was eventually drawn into it as he listened in awe.

Fan Xiaochen was indeed a genius. Despite having left the business field for two years, he was as sensitive and prudent as before.