Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 They Cant Pay The Price Of Betraying Me

Lin Wanwan studied Qin Tianqi when Fan Xiaochen was finally done. Based on his expression, she could tell that he was moved.

Money is what everyone desires.

To a businessman, nothing would compare to profit.

Qin Tianqi took a sip of tea before stating monotonously, "Ms. Lin must be special to get Mr. Fan into the field again. His capabilities would compare to an entire company. Your proposal is not bad, but there is a deadly problem."

Lin Wanwan was humble. "I would be glad to learn."

"To create a perfect team, there need to be loyal workers other than an all-seeing leader. If the project gets leaked, wont the profits go elsewhere?"

Lin Wanwan sighed. After all, Qin Tianqi was still holding grudges against the betrayal.

"I understand where you are coming from. Mr. Qin, there would be no use giving you empty promises. All I want to say is that I am not Lin Qinghao, and those people wont be able to afford to pay the price for betraying me."

Qin Tianqi scorned, "Even if I trusted you, more than half of the talents in the Lin Group are on Lin Wanxins side. You would need their help to activate the project. How will you get them to work for you wholeheartedly?"

"That would be my concern and not yours."

Lin Wanwan put her hand out, and Fan Xiaochen handed a new contract to Qin Tianqi immediately.

"Mr. Qin, the previous collaboration had caused you great losses. To clear your doubts, we have made a new contract. It clearly states that Miles Corporation wouldnt need to invest a single cent in the early phases of the collaboration, and it has the right to terminate the contract at any time."

Qin Tianqi grabbed the contract.

After reading it thoroughly, he looked at Lin Wanwan.

"Should I praise you for your courage or worry about your ignorance? Are you not afraid of me pulling out and reducing the Lin Group to ashes?"

Lin Wanwan beamed with confidence. "Mr. Qin, everything done in business is for profit. If pulling out would do you any good, I might be a little worried. However, there is no reason for you to leave a win-win situation, is there?"

Qin Tianqi had to admit that the little girl knew his thoughts exactly.

She first showed him the potential of the project, then cracked his shield by putting him in an advantageous position.

"I need a few days."

There were five days before the deadline, but Lin Wanwan was in no rush.

"I will be awaiting the good news." She smiled.

After Qin Tianqi left, Fan Xiaochen exclaimed, "Ms. Lin, you would have done it without me."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. "You are underestimating yourself again. The reason that a cunning man like Qin Tianqi would give in was the profit that your proposal has shown. Otherwise, he wouldnt care about the advantages I give him."

She had the sanity to know that she was by no means a talented businesswoman.