Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Kick Her When Shes Down

"Lets wait for the news."


Lin Wanwan focused on the film for the next few days.

It was finally the deadline, but Qin Tianqi didnt contact her.

Lin Wanwan was still calm, but Fan Xiaochen was worried.

"Its alright. We have tried our best, and its fine to fail."

Lin Wanwan guessed that Lin Wanxin had offered Qin Tianqi a higher bid.

At the same time, at the Lin Group.

The directors sat in the bright meeting room.

Lin Wanxin glanced at the man beside her. "Secretary Zhu, whats the time? Is my sister here?"

"Its nine in the morning, and shes not here yet."

Director Wang burst out laughing. "CEO Lin, there is no need to wait. Ive asked my friend who works for Miles Corporation. Qin Tianqi indeed had gathered them for a meeting to discuss the collaboration, but it was rejected. Lin Wanwan has already lost!"

Someone immediately agreed. "If thats the case, we have the right to remove Lin Wanwans title as a shareholder, and she can never meddle with our business."

"CEO Lin, its time to retrieve the 30% shares from her."

"What did I say? Shes just a fool! She thinks that being an actress with a pretty face can get her anything. She should now know where she really stands."

"Thats right."

The group was kicking her when she was down.

Lin Wanxins lips had an unnoticeable curve as she sighed. "Since this is what it has become, I will purchase her shares at a high price and give her an annual bonus. She is my sister, after all. This will be the end of this topic. Now"


The door was pushed open, and a clear voice came through.

"Sorry Im a little late."

Lin Wanwan stomped into the room, and Fan Xiaochen followed right after.

She scanned the room and realized there was no extra chair.

She went straight for Director Wang. "Move."

Director Wang was enraged as he pointed a finger at Lin Wanwan. "Lin Wanwan, you didnt complete the project, so you dont deserve to point fingers at me! Get lost, or I will call security!"

Lin Wanwan gave him the same word. "Move."

"Lin Wanwan, you b*tch! Dont you understand? I asked you to get lost!"

Fan Xiaochen adjusted his golden-framed glasses. "According to Xias penal code number 246, verbally abusing others with violence or such can land you three years of imprisonment. Director Wang, please watch your words."

Lin Wanwan turned to Fan Xiaochen as if she was asking: You know the law?

Fan Xiaochen grinned. "Other than a manager, I can be your law consultant as well."

Wangs face was blood-rushed. He recalled the time when he was beaten by Lin Wanwan and the humiliation he received. At the peak of his rage, he raised his hand.

Before Lin Wanwan even bothered to react, Fan Xiaochen had stepped forward and locked only his wrist.


Director Wangs plump body was slammed to the floor as his shriek of pain echoed in the room.