Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Prepare For My Revenge Before Ganging Up On Me

Fan Xiaochen shook his hands and turned to Lin Wanwan with a smile. "I can be a bodyguard, too."

Lin Wanwan almost laughed. It was such a worthy deal to have hired him.

The other executives didnt look too happy about that.

Ling Wanxin started looking slightly displeased. "Sister, although Director Wang is rough with his words, he is a senior of the company. You might have crossed the line."

Lin Wanwan pulled the chair that Director Wang was sitting on and took her seat. "He was the one who criticized me first; he was the one who tried to hit me. Whats wrong with defending myself?"

Lin Wanxin shook her head. "Everyone has different opinions. Sister, you never know when youd need his help."

Lin Wanwans expression was strange.

She said those words pretty often.

"Those who use their age and achievements to manipulate facts dont deserve my respect."

Director Wang, who just got up from the ground, turned red. Before he could make a scene again, Lin Wanxins glare made him swallow his words.

A seemly executive stood up. "Ms. Lin, according to the promise, you have been stripped of the title of a shareholder. I hope that you can give up the shares. CEO Lin will compensate you well."

Lin Wanwans violent measures had agitated the group, who rushed to agree.

Lin Wanwan spun the pen in her hand and held an arrogant stance against their disapproval.

"Sorry, but I will never give up what I have in hand."


Director Wang couldnt take it anymore. He slammed the table, and veins were popping under his skin.

"Lin Wanwan, dont take more than what you can handle. You were the one who agreed to give up the shares if you lose. Dont eat your words now!"

The rest, too, looked at Lin Wanwan in disdain.

"Who said that Ive lost?"

"Hah, why are you still trying to lie? How hilarious"

Lin Wanwan didnt want to waste any more time as she threw a file at his face.

Before Director Wang could get mad, he saw a line of words on the folder.

Hot Spring Villa Contract

He quickly flipped it open.

Qin Tianqis signature and Miles Corporations stamp was right there on the papers.

"This is impossible!"

The rest crowded around as they heard his howl, and everyone was shocked.

Although Lin Wanxin didnt move, she understood the situation from their reactions.

She covered the displeasure in her eyes and let out a sigh of relief. "Sister, why didnt you tell us that youve convinced Mr. Qin? I shouldnt have been worried about you."

Director Wang glared at Lin Wanwan. "Lin Wanwan, were you playing with us?"

Against the eyes of many, Lin Wanwan beamed.


She leaned back in the chair, and her legs crossed under the short skirt. Her nonchalant grin held immense charisma.

"I respect those who respect me, and vice versa. I am not a pushover that you can get on top of. Prepare for my revenge before ganging up on me!"