Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Go Ahead And Be Aggressive

Chapter 1064: Go Ahead and Be Aggressive

Upon hearing this, those who were initially angry became guilty.

They suddenly realized that Lin Wanwan wasnt as foolish as they thought.

"Everyone, sit down."

Lin Wanxin greeted with a simple smile, "Since Second Sister has completed the deal, from today onwards, both myself and Second Sister will manage the Lin Group together. Everyone has no opinions on this, right?"

Aside from Director Wang, everyone silently nodded.

"Very good."

Lin Wanwan stood up and propped her hands on the table. Her meaningful glance swept past everyones faces.

"I hope all of you remember that Lin Wanxin and I share the same position in the company. I must know what she knows. If anyone dares to not take me seriously, I can only ask him to leave the company and seek another job! Wanxin, is that right?"

Lin Wanxin smiled and nodded. "Second Sisters right. We said we were going to have a fair competition. Of course, there cant be any differential treatment."

Lin Wanwan smiled. "When Im not in the company, the professional manager I hire will manage on my behalf. Oh, right, since I won this project, I should naturally be responsible for it. As such, I should also choose the participating directors. Is that right?"

Lin Wanxin was still nodding.

Lin Wanwans toughness served as a contrast to Lin Wanxins gentle means.

The directors year-end dividends were calculated based on the number of shares they held and their contribution to the company.

Once this villa development project was completed, the profit would be extremely high. Even those directors who stood by Lin Wanxins side felt a little eager to take action.

Lin Wanwan ignored everyones fiery gazes and said out the candidates she had long decided on.

"Director Wen, Director Zhao, Director Jiang, Director Nan. The four of you will complete this project with me."

When these words came out, everyone found it difficult to hide the look of surprise on their faces.

Even Lin Wanxin squinted. The people Lin Wanwan had listed were neutral parties who didnt stand by Lin Wanxins side.

Although all the directors knew it in their hearts, how could Lin Wanwan tell?

Everyone sized Lin Wanwan up seriously for the very first time. They saw that there was a trace of childishness in the corners of her eyes, though those lazy eyes looked so unpredictable, as if everything was under control.

This girl wasnt simple!

Lin Wanwan could feel their fear for her. This was the result she wanted.

Lin Wanxin had showcased her personal capabilities to everyone a step ahead. Lin Wanwan could only use a stronger gesture so that everyone would know she had the capital to compete with Lin Wanxin.

Fan Xiaochen couldnt help but praise her in his heart. This was quite a clever move.

She tied four neutral directors to her ship. For their own benefits, they would definitely work hard and help her complete this project.

As long as Lin Wanwan could produce results, she would naturally be recognized by many people.

After the board meeting ended, Lin Wanwan brought Fan Xiaochen to her office.

After feeling that Fan Xiaochen was a little pitiful being alone, she said, "Ill find a secretary for you someday."

"No need." Fan Xiaochen shook his head. Seeing her puzzled look, he explained, "There will be someone I can use in such a big company. Im not afraid to fight alone. Instead, I find it very challenging."

Lin Wanwan appreciated his fighting spirit and patted his shoulder. "Go for it, youth!"

Before leaving, Lin Wanwan explained again, "You dont have to worry about me. If soft tactics dont work, go ahead and use hard tactics. Even if something happens, Ill back you up. Also, since Lin Wanxin wants to pretend to be magnanimous, let her be. Go ahead and be aggressive!"