Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Lu Zhanbei Smile

Fan Xiaochen grinned. "I got it."

Lin Wanwan left after leaving company matters to Fan Xiaochen.

"A Good Nights Sleep" was halfway through its progress, and the location was always at the small city by the southern river.

Lu Zhanbei recruited the crew, and the director was Tan Zhiyue, whom Lin Wanwan was familiar with. There was no trouble filming, and everyone loved to enjoy the scenery when they were free.

Lin Wanwan bought some food and ate while strolling around.

Just then, one of the staff ran to her and handed her a phone. "Wanwan, theres another rumor about you and Luo Han~"

Lin Wanwan took a look. The media said that Luo Han and Lin Wanwan were dating under the guise of work. They also suspected that Luo Han had stepped into her relationship and forced her to break up with her boyfriend.

Lin Wanwan was at a loss for words. "Did I say that I broke up with my boyfriend?"

The staff chuckled. "Who asked you to keep your boyfriends identity a secret? You are not showing affection as well."

Lin Wanwan thought about the possibility that Lu Zhanbei had seen the news as she smirked. Hiding in the holding room, she started a video call.

"Lu Zhanbei, are you angry or jealous?"

"Lin Wanwan, are you blind or stupid?"

"Eh, what do you mean?"

"Think about it."

Lin Wanwan thought about it for a while before coming to a realization.

"Do you mean that I would be blind to like Luo Han instead of you? How narcissistic!"

Lu Zhanbei was in a seasonal meeting when he received the call. He replied with a pouting expression to state his egotism.

"Accept the video call~"

"Missed me?"


"Not accepting it, then."

"Fine, I miss you. I havent had my lunch, so let me feast on your looks."

Lu Zhanbei saw the video call request and signaled everyone to be quiet.

Lin Wanwan smiled when she saw the perfect face on her screen.

"Lu Zhanbei, why the long face? Smile~"

The executives of the Global Corporation turned to look at Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei pulled his lips obediently.

Lin Wanwan wasnt satisfied. "Not sweet enough."

Lu Zhanbei did it again.

"Not gentle enough."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at his staff, who were holding in their laughter. "Lin Wanwan, thats enough."

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue. "I was about to have some fun with you tomorrow if you would say something sweet. Now have fun touching yourself."


A manager couldnt hold in his chuckle any longer.

Lin Wanwan froze. "Lu Zhanbei, what are you doing? Is there someone else there?"

Lu Zhanbei grinned. "Im at a meeting, who do you think is here?"

"" God! Shed said such shameful words in front of a crowd!

Lin Wanwan ended the call immediately.

Lu Zhanbei put the phone aside and asked gently, "Was that funny?"

The staff felt a sense of danger as they hurriedly shook their head.

Lu Zhanbei continued as he walked out of the door, "To complete the villa project, I will have to trouble all of you to do overtime for half a month."

"" How ruthless!

They didnt mean to laugh at him; its just that no one had imagined the CEO to be his wifes boy.

Lin Wanwan was acting dead on the sofa when Lu Zhanbei sent her a message.

"Turn on the front camera."

Although Lin Wanwan was doubtful, she did it anyway.