Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 The White Lotus Flower Played Tricks

Lin Qingxi rubbed her shoulders. She smiled and said weakly, "I should be the one to apologize. I was in a hurry to get something from the car and walked a little too quickly. Im alright. Ill be fine after getting some medicinal rub. Go to the production studio quickly. The directors waiting for you."

After confirming that Lin Qingxi wasnt hurt, Lin Wanwan left.

Watching her back view disappear, Lin Qingxi glanced at a certain direction with the corner of her eye.

Because of the angle, she had discovered the reporter hiding behind the pillar as soon as she entered the carpark.

The scene just now would definitely have been captured.

A strange smile flashed past Lin Qingxis eyes. She looked more pained and limped toward the car, as if that collision just now had caused her a lot of damage.

On the other end, after changing into her clothes and putting on makeup, Lin Wanwan immediately started filming.

Following the directors command, Lin Wanwan closed her eyes. When she opened them again, not only did her expression and eyes change, but her temperament changed as well.

However, those who had seen Lin Wanwans filming condition in person couldnt help but be amazed. At this moment, she seemed to have multiple personalities and could transform herself into another person immediately.

"Good take!" Yue Xiang called out in satisfaction.

Lin Wanwan removed herself from the role and was about to drink some water when Lin Qingxi walked up and said in amazement, "Wanwan, your acting skills are really formidable. Ive been in the entertainment business for so long and have met all kinds of celebrities. The number of people on par with you can be counted with only one hand."

"Thanks for the compliment."

Lin Wanwan didnt have positive feelings toward Lin Qingxi and was even guarded against her. She smiled and walked away, and she didnt see Lin Qingxis darkened eyes.

She claimed herself to be a superb actress, and even internationally renowned directors had complimented that she had a promising future.

This time, she came to Xia country with ambition and planned to crush the local actresses here with her own capabilities and status.

However, her plan had not yet taken the first step when this Lin Wanwan appeared.

Even if she was unwilling, she had to admit that Lin Wanwans acting skills were slightly better.


Regardless of which aspect, Lin Qingxi was the best. She definitely couldnt pale in comparison!

Lin Wanwan didnt know that the acting skills she showed off once had attracted Lin Qingxis hostility.

She sat on the chair and let the makeup artist put powder on her face. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Lin Qingxi limping in and smiling shyly to a costume designer she was closer to. "Tiantian, Adas not with the team. Can you help me rub some medicine?"

"Qingxi, are you hurt?"

Tiantian was a famous tomboy in the production team. Her voice was loud and attracted everyones attention.

"No. I accidentally knocked into something."

"Lets go to the changing room next door. There isnt anyone there."


Lin Wanwan frowned.

Could it be that that collision just now was really serious?

As Lin Qingxi would send presents to the production team from time to time, her popularity was good. Coupled with her weak nature, when they heard that she was injured, everyone in the team not only showed great concern for her, but even Yue Xiang advised her to take a break for a day.

The next day, Lin Wanwan reported to the production studio punctually. She bumped into a staff personnel and was about to greet her when the other party gave a cold snort, turned around, and walked away.

Ah. When did she offend her?

When the same situation happened several times consecutively, Lin Wanwan finally realized something was amiss. She wanted to look for clues on Weibo when she heard Yue Xiang calling her.

She walked over. "Director Yue, is anything the matter?"