Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069 Unrepentant? Shameless And Brazen?

Ada sighed and explained to Yue Xiang, "Director Yue, it isnt that Qingxi isnt willing to come over. Her shoulder injurys a little serious. She made an appointment with a physical therapist early this morning and couldnt find time to do so."

Her short sentence immediately attracted some peoples resentment toward Lin Wanwan.

Yue Xiang nodded in understanding. "No problem. Its not too late after shes well-rested."

At this moment, Xue Tiantian saw Lin Wanwan walking over from the corner of her eye. She deliberately raised her voice to say, "Someone obviously did something wrong but instead of being repentant, she actually has the face to appear now. Ada, have you seen such a shameless and brazen person before?"

Adas face was very ugly. "I brought the surveillance camera footage of the parking lot."

As she said this, her mobile rang with a notification.

"Its here." As Ada used her mobile, she said, "Qingxi allowed me to upload the footage to her Weibo account. After seeing it, we will all understand."

Everyone nodded.

"It has been uploaded."

Everyone, including Lin Wanwan, clicked open the video.

At first glance, Lin Wanwan couldnt help but frown.

The angle of the video was too tricky. The content that appeared seemed too much like Lin Wanwan obviously having seen Lin Qingxi but deliberately knocking her to the ground heavily.

As the video had no audio, Lin Qingxis grieved expression seemed to be complaining about Lin Wanwans viciousness.

In the end, the back view of Lin Wanwan leaving made Lin Qingxi seem even more pitiful.

Xue Tiantian was the first one to jump out. She pointed at Lin Wanwan and said angrily, "What do you have to say to this now?"

Lin Wanwan didnt reply. Instead, she looked at Ada. "Lin Qingxi said it personally that I had pushed her?"

Ada said angrily, "Qingxis still undergoing physiotherapy. How would she have time to bother with this? Lin Wanwan, as long as you admit your mistake and guarantee there wont be a next time, our Qingxi isnt an unforgiving person. She would forgive you. However, what kind of attitude do you have right now?"

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart. It was obvious Lin Qingxi wanted to use this incident to smear her.

"I accidentally bumped into Lin Qingxi back then. If I really bullied her, why did I help her up? Why did I even suggest to send her to the hospital?"

Xue Tiantian spoke boldly in defense of justice and continued to be aggressive. "Theres no audio in the video. Of course you can say whatever you like about what happened. Helping Qingxi up? Youre just pretending to be kind-hearted! Arent white lotus flowers like that pretending to think for the other party after bullying him or her?"

This was the first time she was being labeled as a white lotus flower. Lin Wanwan laughed out of anger.

"Its still that same sentence. If you dont believe me, why dont you ask Lin Qingxi?!"

After saying this, she turned around and left.

"Thick-skinned!" Xue Tiantian scolded shamelessly.

After this commotion, filming would definitely not resume today. Lin Wanwan got into the car and logged on to Weibo. She ignored the angry comments and published a Weibo message.

Lin Wanwan: "I accidentally bumped into Lin Qingxi and even helped her up. She said she was fine, thus I walked away. This was what happened. Now that things have escalated, as the victim, I have the right to ask Lin Qingxi to stand up and return to me my innocence."

Toward the end of the Weibo message, she added Lin Qingxi.

This was a misunderstanding. If it could be resolved peacefully, she didnt want to use extreme means.

Netizens had mixed opinions about Lin Wanwans Weibo message.

Some people felt that it was disgusting for her to be unrepentant until now. Some people felt that she was too aggressive.

There were some level-headed people who stated: "From the angle of the video, Lin Wanwan and Lin Qingxi couldnt see anyone around the corner. Its normal for them to collide. Its just that she shouldnt have left the injured Lin Qingxi alone. Thats a bit cold."