Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 107

Chapter 107 You.. Are You Treating Me Like Your Daughter?

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A fair-skinned finger tried to wipe away that tear. After that, a long arm reached out and embraced her.

“A queen does not easily shed tears.”

“” Lin Wanwan bit her lower lip and did not reject his embrace. Both her arms went round his waist, and she leaned her face against his chest.

The man touched her hair from time to time, silently consoling her.

She sniffed her nose, which was now red. “Lu Zhanbei, am I very embarrassing?”

“A little.”

Feeling that the girl in his embrace snorted, he added faintly, “Next time, if you encounter such a situation, just give him a slap.”

“ He’s my biological father after all.”

“So what?” Lu Zhanbei’s tone was cold. “A person who bears a child without raising and educating him or her properly is not fit to be a father.”

Lin Wanwan felt that he was too dark a person.

“I’m just a little sad.”

There are only a few decades in life. Everyone yearns for complete families, love, and friendships. She was no exception.

A pity that she had lived life twice but her wishes did not come true.

When she heard Lin Qinghao reprimand Tao Xinyue for her previously, she actually had some expectations of this cheap father.

In the end, she was still disappointed.

Smelling the fragrance from the girl’s hair, a strange feeling came over Lu Zhanbei.

“I have never thought of you as a lover. I’m also the one who initiated for you to find me if there’s anything.”

“I’ll not be your lover” Lin Wanwan mumbled softly and tightened her arms around his waist. “Dream on!”

Hearing her regain a casual and relaxed tone, the frown between Lu Zhanbei’s eyebrows gradually disappeared.

Under the moonlight, the atmosphere was quiet.

“Lu Zhanbei,” Lin Wanwan called.


“You are you treating me like your daughter?”

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to ask Lu Zhanbei why he treated her so well. However, the atmosphere was so good that she did not want to break it.

Also, she faintly felt that there were reasons Lu Zhanbei did not want to let people know about why he treated her well.

Although she had asked, she knew she might not have gotten an answer.

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes moved a little. “Daughter? You’ll give birth to one for me?”

Lin Wanwan understood that he had playful thoughts occasionally. She was not bothered by them and smiled. “Sure, let’s make a baby later.”

Lu Zhanbei smiled. “It’s time to head back.”


Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan returned to the living room and bid farewell to Mo Chen.

Everyone had unwavering looks as they watched him leave. They wanted to retain him but did not have the guts to do so. Thus, they could only sigh.

Mo Chen wanted to slip away too, but he was surrounded closely by a group of people.

“Major Mo, what is the background of that Ms. Lin? What is her relationship with Mr. Lu?”

“Relationship? There shouldn’t be one yet.”

“In the entire Imperial Capital, only you have a good relationship with Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu has never had an ambiguous relationship with any woman, but he actually brought that Miss to attend the reception tonight. What does this mean?”

“It means my brother has finally broken the rumor that he is gay?”


Even in the world of the rich and powerful, it was in everyone’s nature to gossip. Moreover, this was gossip regarding Lu Zhanbei.

However, as Mo Chen intentionally replied in a way that incited trouble, they did not manage to get any useful answers.

As it was quite late and the high school was already closed, Lin Wanwan went over to Lu Zhanbei’s for a night.

She took a delightful shower in the jacuzzi and walked out in a bathrobe. After circling one round, she did not manage to find any suitable slippers and could only wear the male’s slippers to walk with.

She took out her mobile and wanted to watch a movie, but she was afraid she would run out of data.

Ah, what was the Wi-Fi password here at Lu Zhanbei’s?