Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 Put On A Pretense

Lin Qingxi was in the limelight for her first visit to Xia country. Lin Wanwan had always been highly talked about. This incident between the two immediately caused a heated discussion.

Lin Wanwan wanted to use this move to force Lin Qingxi out.

If Lin Qingxi was willing to speak the truth and the misunderstanding was cleared, Lin Wanwan would just let this matter go. If she wanted to use this matter to climb higher up the ranks

Then theyd have to wait and see!

Lin Qingxi, whom Ada said was undergoing physiotherapy now, was seated leisurely on the sofa. She was holding a cup of red tea in her hands.

"Qingxi, why dont we stick to this since it had begun and just claim that Lin Wanwan bullied you? Then, well use public opinion to attack her. When the production teams under pressure then, they will definitely remove her as the female lead and you can climb up the ranks smoothly!"

Lin Qingxi shook her head and said, "No."

"Why? Didnt we do such things often in the past? Its very effective."

"This moves still alright when were bullying newbies, but Lin Wanwan has a strong foundation in the entertainment circle in Xia country. Were new here as well and arent poised to overshadow her. Why dont we use this incident to create a stain on Lin Wanwan and shape me as a gentle and magnanimous person?"

Ada had followed Lin Qingxi for many years and immediately understood what she meant. "Youre still more meticulous."

Lin Qingxi pressed her finger against her lip and thought for a while. Then, she sent a message.

Lin Qingxi: "I just came back from physiotherapy. Sorry to have made everyone worried. I didnt expect for things to develop to this state as well. Actually this was just a misunderstanding. Im fine now. Everyone, dont pursue this matter anymore. I still have to work with Wanwan. If things turn stale, it wont be good for everyone."

Within a minute, there were already thousands of comments on this message.

The audience werent fools. They understood what Lin Qingxi was expressing without words.

"Qingxi, youre too kind. Lin Wanwan bullied you but youre actually willing to compromise for the big picture. A magnanimous actress like you is worthy of becoming an idol. Lin Wanwans narrow-minded and doesnt have a good character. I really dont know what kind of mindset the people who like her have!"

The number of likes for this comment was soon reaching ten thousand.

Lin Qingxi drank a sip of red tea and her cold eyes formed a sharp contrast with her gentle eyebrows.

Lin Wanwan was only 20 years old. If she was given the time and opportunity, she would shine brightly sooner or later.

So, Lin Qingxi had to stifle her in the cradle as soon as possible!

Lin Wanwan saw Lin Qingxis Weibo and laughed out loud.

She had given Lin Qingxi the chance to choose.

Half an hour later, Lin Wanwan went to the winery to find Si Han.

Si Han: "Ive already sent the message. We will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon."

Lin Wanwan felt depressed. "Si Dada, you have already arranged everything. Then what should I do?"

"Put on a pretense."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Hearing that she was here, Liu Zilin, who was reading books in the winery, threw down her book and smiled while walking out.

"Zilin, what have you been doing recently?"

"Looking at some management-related books."

It looked like she had listened to her words from before.

Lin Wanwan nodded in satisfaction. Upon thinking that she hadnt been out for a few days, she smiled and said, "Im free today. Shall we head out for a walk?"


Lin Wanwan put on a disguise and headed out with Liu Zilin.

Liu Zilin wanted to buy shoes. Both of them came to a renowned commercial street in the Imperial Capital.

Both of them entered a shoe store. Liu Zilin looked around with interest.

"Wanwan, look at this pair of shoes. Its so pretty!"