Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 : Sudden Urge

Lin Wanwan walked over and saw a pair of flashy shoes with colorful gems on them. Under the limelight, it reflected blazing sparkles like those in a fairytale.

"They are pretty."

Liu Zilin saw the interest in her eyes. "Should we buy them?"

Lin Wanwan glanced at the price tag and shook her head. "I cant afford it."

These shoes must be the treasure of the store. The price was crazy, and there wasnt much left in her bank.


Lin Qingxis surprised voice drifted over. Lin Wanwan looked back and saw Lin Qingxi walking over while holding Jin Yuans arm, appearing like a lovely dove.

"Its really you."

Lin Qingxi recognized Lin Wanwans voice from before.

Her outfit reminded Lin Qingxi of the woman who snatched the brooch from her. She felt her anger rising yet put on a bright smile.

Lin Wanwans cold eyes scanned over Jin Yuan as she said, "An injured person is in the mood and has the energy to shop. How impressive."

Lin Qingxi bit her lips like a hurt girl, setting Lin Wanwan off as a bad person.

"Wanwan, I have clarified on Weibo that this was all a misunderstanding."

"Heh heh."

Lin Wanwan smirked, and she didnt bother quarreling with her.

"Zilin, lets go shop elsewhere."

Lin Qingxi calling her name had attracted the attention of some customers.

Liu Zilin whispered, "Wanwan, I want to buy these shoes, but I only have five million in my savings. Could you lend me three million?"

She recalled that Lin Wanwans 20th birthday was coming up and wanted to gift her the shoes.

Lin Wanwan nodded. Before she could pay, Lin Qingxis surprised voice came again. "Jin Yuan, these shoes look amazing. They are like Cinderellas shoes."

Jin Yuan smiled gently. "Buy them if you like, my princess."

Lin Wanwan felt disturbed; she thought to herself that Lu Zhanbei was way better at flirting.

However, other customers looked at them in admiration.

Lin Qingxi combed her hair and reached out for the shoes.

"We wanted these first." Liu Zilin caught her wrist hurriedly.

Lin Qingxi took back her hand and cleaned the wrist that was touched by Liu Zilin as if there were germs.

She said when she saw Liu Zilins angered expression, "Wanwan, I have given up the brooch for you. Are you going to snatch the shoes from me this time? You cant bully me like this."

Hearing the word "bully," Lin Wanwan felt a sudden urge to beat her up.

No wonder everyone said that acting innocent was a murderous weapon.

"We have been wanting these shoes, you"

Lin Wanwan stopped Liu Zilin as she slowly began speaking.

"Lin Qingxi, giving up is an excellent word to use. Since you gave up the brooch for me, its only right for me to give up these shoes for you. Buy it quickly. Otherwise, you might start crying when more people gather around, making the whole world think that Im bullying you."

Lin Qingxis expression changed, and the reply she had in mind could no longer be said.

Jin Yuan studied Lin Wanwan, and a hint of interest sparked in his eyes.