Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Im Sure You Know The True Colors Of This Woman

She stood straight with a fierce look. There was no aggression in her gaze, only pure composure.

Such calmness was similar to that of his past fianc.

Liu Zilin grabbed Lin Wanwans hand with regret.

Lin Wanwan glanced at her. "There are plenty of nice shoes out there; we can pick another one."

"However" Liu Zilin felt wronged.

Just then, Lin Qingxi started nicely, "Wanwan, I heard that you didnt have enough money. How about accepting these shoes as a gift from me? I dont need that many shoes."

Did Lin Wanwan not have shoes?

Lin Qingxi sure loved to put herself above others.

"Jin Yuan, I forgot my wallet. Could you pay for me?"

"Of course, mine will be yours."

Lin Qingxis cheeks blushed, and her glance at Lin Wanwan became arrogant.

She grabbed the card from Jin Yuan and ordered the staff, "Pack these shoes for Ms. Lin Wanwan."

Lin Wanwan would never receive her gift or there might be news about this.

However, before she could reject it, the staff shook his head. "Im sorry, these shoes arent for sale."

Lin Qingxis expression froze. How would others see her if she couldnt even buy those shoes?

"Why place them here if they werent for sale? Are you messing around with me? You better give me a reason."

Suddenly, a lazed voice came over. "This shop is mine."

Lin Wanwan felt helpless when she heard the voice.

The man was wearing a pink shirt paired with light pants. His aura was in no way feminine and was instead charming.

His peach-shaped eyes glanced around and took the hearts of many. Even Lin Qingxi was lost in his eyes for a moment.

Tang Chen turned to the staff. "Take them out."

The staff quickly took the shoes out and handed them to him.

Tang Chen then signaled Lin Wanwan. "Sit."

Lin Wanwan immediately knew what he wanted. "I wouldnt dare to wear these if they arent for sale."

Tang Chen grinned. "It became not-for-sale only after your arrival."

"" Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes to the back of her head. How shameless!

Lin Qingxi felt the looks of other customers and felt embarrassed. "Mr. Tang, I understand that you are the boss here. However, every product here is priced clearly. Isnt this an abuse of your power?"

"You are right." Tang Chen smirked. "I am abusing my power. Unlike a foolish girl, I wouldnt take the blame for bullying someone when I didnt do it. So what if I abuse my power? I encourage you to tell the world about it."

His honesty left Lin Qingxi no way to counter.

Lin Qingxi collapsed into Jin Yuans arms from humiliation.

Jin Yuan pitied her as he voiced, "Mr. Tang might have crossed the line."

Tang Chen raised his brows, and his defined features drew everyones eyes.

"Jin Yuan? Dont act up against me. You have been with this woman for a long time, and I believe that you have an idea of her true colors."