Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Dont Even Think About Bullying My Fans

Lin Qingxis body trembled, and her eyes were hazy. "Ah Yuan, I didnt"

Jin Yuans eyes shone slightly, and he said without changing his expression, "I believe Qingxi."

"Then continue to have fun."

Tang Chen yawned and stuffed the crystal shoes into Lin Wanwans hand. "Lets go."

Lin Wanwan looked at Lin Qingxi and smiled lightly.

This smile was a little strange. Lin Qingxis heart inexplicably turned cold.

"Qingxi, lets go as well. Dont take this to heart. Ill get someone to remake a pair of crystal shoes thats even more beautiful."

As she looked at Jin Yuans gentle eyes, Lin Qingxis uneasy heart calmed slowly. "Ive already clarified that the matter between me and Lin Wanwan was a misunderstanding. Why doesnt she let me go? Thankfully, youre willing to believe me."

Jin Yuan touched her head. "No matter what happens, Ill always stay by your side. Dont think too much."

Lin Wanwan returned the crystal shoes to Tang Chen. However, he never kept the things hed sent out. As such, this ended in failure.

Lin Wanwan sent Liu Zilin back to the winery and returned to the Yun Mansion.

Lu Zhanbei went overseas yesterday. She was very happy and carefree being alone.

After shed been playing with the dog, making some desserts, and training for a few hours according to Xing Sis training style, a day passed.

The next day, once news of Lin Wanwan organizing a press conference had spread, people from all walks of life rushed in. These included many fans of Lin Qingxi and passersby.

As soon as Lin Wanwan appeared, the reporters who were in discussions immediately surrounded her.

Lin Wanwan sat down. Suddenly, a bottle of mineral water came flying in her direction.

"Lin Wanwan, if you dare to bully our Qingxi again, I will definitely not let you off!"

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and avoided it. She swept her gaze across the angry faces and smirked.

At this moment, a girl with braids suddenly jumped out and scolded the woman who threw that bottle, "Dont think that only Lin Qingxi has fans. Do you treat us Ball fans as dead? If you continue to make impertinent remarks, dont blame us for being impolite!"

These words stirred up a hornets nest.

"Lin Wanwans shameless, you Ball fans know no shame as well!"

"Exactly. Lin Wanwan doesnt dare to admit it when she has bullied someone. Bold enough to do something but not bold enough to admit it!"

"Lin Wanwans a white lotus bitch!"

Upon hearing this, Ball fans who came forward to support their idol exploded.

As Lin Wanwan rarely fought with people and had a good reputation in the entertainment circle, Ball fans had good qualities and never said anything nasty to Lin Wanwans competitors before.

Hearing that her own idol was being insulted now, one fan immediately used words to slam the other party.

The girl who was sprayed with saliva was so angry that she raised her hand and wanted to give her a slap.

However, the slap had not yet landed when her wrists were clasped firmly.

The girl with braids looked at Lin Wanwans profile and shouted agitatedly, "Ball!"

Lin Wanwans eyes were sword-like. The girls who wanted to hit her shrank their necks subconsciously.

"Its none of my business whom you support. However, dont even think about bullying my fans!"

"Then on what basis are you bullying my idol?"

"After the press conference, if you still think I bullied Lin Qingxi, I can let you bully me back."

After saying this, she got onto the stage.

Lin Qingxis fans were unwilling to take this lying down. Ball fans were excited because of Lin Wanwans move to protect her fans.

Lin Wanwan sat down and faced the media. After that, her beautiful voice rang in everyones ears.