Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 Lin Xiao Was The Best Ace In Her Hands

At this moment, the Ball fan with braids said a few sarcastic words, then looked at Lin Qingxis fans. "Whos the white lotus bitch now?"

Lin Qingxis fans felt anger in their hearts but were unable to rebut.

"The press conference ends here. Thank you for coming, everyone. Goodbye."

Lin Wanwan dug a hole for Lin Qingxi and left gracefully.

Half an hour later, the press conference video was exposed on various channels.

Lin Wanwan removed herself from the title of being a bully and obtained a lot of sympathy points and apologies. The number of her fans increased by a lot.

Very quickly, netizens turned their attention to Lin Qingxi again. Some people said she harbored evil intentions and some extreme netizens asked her to get lost from Xia country.

It could be said that Lin Qingxi finally had a taste of how being attacked by everyone was like.

It took only a short time for her to transform from the highly-sought-after international celebrity to a white lotus bitch who pretended to be pitiful.

Lin Qingxi, who experienced a reversal in the situation, smashed an expensive tea set.

Ada was familiar with her personality. She didnt dare to say anything at this moment and hid far away. Only when she saw her trying her best to calm down did she walk over carefully.

"Qingxi, dont be angry. Without any evidence, they cant do anything to you."

Could Lin Qingxi not be angry?

She didnt have a single work in Xia country yet and her fan base was not as stable. She initially thought she could get a good reputation through this incident. Alas, she had tried to steal a chicken only to lose the rice again and had dug a hole for herself.

"Ada, contact all the major media outlets immediately. I want to hold a press conference as well."

Thankfully, she didnt claim that Lin Wanwan had bullied her. Everything had been assumed by the netizens. As long as she was more sincere in her apologies, this matter would blow over. However, there would be a small black mark on her flawless records.

Ada understood these as well and was a little worried. "But what should we do now?"

"Why are you panicking? Didnt I say that I had a very useful helper in Xia country?"

"Lin Xiao?"

"Yes." Lin Qingxi played with a strand of hair that was hanging down her chest. She giggled and said, "Shes useless to me alive, but her death can be a stepping stone for me. As long as her fans in Xia country remember her, I will never fall!"

However, Lin Xiao was the best ace in her hands. She would definitely not use it so easily until the critical moment.

Ada seemed to have understood it slightly. "Both you and Lin Xiao are surnamed Lin. Could it be that both of you are related?"

It was unknown what Lin Qingxi thought of as her look turned gloomy instantly.

"You will know in the future."

Ada was sensible and didnt ask further. "Ill go prepare the press conference, then."

Lin Qingxi waved her hands. As she held her forehead with one hand, her eyes turned cold.

After a long while, she seemed to have made up her mind and picked up the ashtray on the table.


The ashtray hit her on her shoulder. The excruciating pain made her let out a groan. However, the smile on her face became wider.

As such, Lin Qingxi held a press conference as well less than three hours after Lin Wanwans press conference ended.

At the press conference, she pulled down the shoulder strap of the dress and revealed the bruise on her shoulder. She proved that she didnt lie and that the reason she didnt detail the process back then was that she had felt she had already explained enough. She didnt expect that that would deepen everyones misunderstanding.

In the end, she cried pitifully in front of the reporters and her apologetic attitude was proper.

Lin Qingxis words were regarded a belated effort. However, more people chose to believe her. They felt that she and Lin Wanwan were equally innocent and that the culprit was the reporter who took their picture in secret.