Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076 Heh Heh. Dont Think That Only She Could Put On A Pretense

Lin Wanwan squinted when she saw the news of Lin Qingxi clearing her name.

SI Han froze the image and glanced at the bruise on Lin Qingxis shoulder.

She was obviously hit by a blunt instrument.

She knew how to cut her losses quickly. Lin Qingxi was ruthless.

"Lin Wanwan, a casual collision with you could get her into this state. Youre definitely worthy of the title of a man-eating night-blooming cereus."

Lin Wanwan crossed her legs and couldnt be bothered to continue the conversation. She poured herself a cup of tea.

At this moment, Fu Ya walked in wearing a black tight skirt. Her wavy hair was spread to her waist. Her face with exquisite makeup was charming, and she always lived up to the image of a vixen.

Before she could say hello to Lin Wanwan, Si Han gave a tsk.

"Youre back only now. Looks like business yesterday night wasnt bad."

Fu Ya wasnt annoyed. She pinched her waist with her hands and said with exaggerated enjoyment, "Youre right. I was exhausted last night, especially by a handsome man. Not only is he young and wealthy, but his bed skills are first-class. Hes comparable to you, big manager."

Si Hans gaze turned cold. "Fu Ya, you can be more slutty."

Fu Ya pouted and thought about it. She spread out her long legs and sat on Si Hans thighs. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled flirtatiously.

"Is this slutty enough?"

Lin Wanwan covered her face and couldnt bear to look at them.

She, an outsider, was still around. Couldnt these two hooligans restrain themselves?

Si Han glanced at her and saw that the gaps between her fingers were wide open. She was obviously peeping.

"I dont mind you looking at us openly."

Fu Ya threw her a look. "Wanwan, men are all sluts. They always hope their wives would be as elegant as princesses outside but slutty once they reach home. You have done well for the former. Do you want to learn from me the latter?"

Although her words werent very pleasant, they were the truth. At least 95% of the men in this world thought so.

Si Han smiled teasingly and whispered lowly in her ear, "The formers for doting, the latters for pleasure."


Lin Wanwan could not listen to this anymore. Although she was someone thick-skinned, she was simply innocent compared to the two of them.

"Heh heh. Continue flirting. Ill get going first."

Lin Wanwan had wanted to return to the Yun Mansion to take a nap after escaping from the winery when Yue Xiang called, asking her to go over for filming.

After rushing to the production studio, she felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

Upon seeing Lin Wanwan, some people looked embarrassed and were full of apologies and guilt. Some were in deep thought. Some staff personnel who were on better terms with Lin Qingxi looked at her unkindly.

For instance, Xue Tiantian.

Yue Xiang clapped his hands and gathered everyone.

"Ok, since the misunderstandings resolved, all of us should stop discussing this matter and focus more on the filming progress!"

Everyone nodded in acknowledgment.

Once Yue Xiang left, Lin Qingxi walked over and looked at Lin Wanwan sincerely. "Wanwan, sorry. I didnt know things would turn out to be like this. I knew that everyone had misunderstood and should have explained things earlier. I didnt consider this carefully."

Lin Wanwan found it most annoying to deal with people who acted a certain way in somebodys face and another in somebodys back.

If Lin Qingxi had directly admitted that she did this deliberately, perhaps she would have respected her.

Heh heh. Dont think that only she could put on a pretense.

"Qingxi, I did you wrong."

Lin Qingxi was stunned. "What?"

Lin Wanwan curved her lips bitterly. Every word she said after seemed to pierce Lin Qingxis heart and lungs.