Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Dont Blame Me For Playing Her To Death

"I shouldnt have argued for rationality and asked for my innocence to be returned. I should have accepted the blame that kept coming and eventually have been forced out of the entertainment circle by public opinion. Then, Id have watched you jump out and reveal the truth magnanimously, becoming a kind and beautiful goddess of the new generation."

Lin Qingxis face changed and she nearly couldnt maintain her grieved expression.

What a sharp tongue Lin Wanwan had!

A few people had strange looks. They couldnt help but think that if Lin Wanwan hadnt hired that lip-reading expert and cleared her name, things might have really developed in the way she explained.

"I didnt."

Lin Qingxi sensed their strange looks and immediately turned pale. She supported herself with a hand on the table, as if she would faint anytime.

Xue Tiantian helped her up and glared at Lin Wanwan fiercely. "Lin Wanwan, Qingxis not as oversensitive as you. Shes too innocent and didnt think too much, thus creating the misunderstanding. Do you have to be so aggressive? Why cant you learn from Qingxis magnanimity?"

Lin Wanwan suddenly smiled. "I suddenly thought of that famous saying by Teacher Guo Degang. You have to stay away from those people who persuade you to be magnanimous when they dont know anything at all. Thats because you will be implicated if lightning strikes her!"

At this moment, Luo Han, who coincidentally arrived at the production studio, curved his lips and smiled. "Clever."

Lin Wanwan didnt want to fall out with Lin Qingxi. After all, this drama was very important. If there were scandals, she wouldnt have a good reputation either.

However, she had to give a warning to this black-hearted person.

"Everyone, listen carefully. Whoever bullies me, Ill take a step back. Whoever bullies me again, Ill take another step back. If that person bullies me yet again, dont blame me for playing her to death!"

Although she didnt name names, everyone knew who she was referring to.

As her words fell, she raised her fist and smashed it on the long table Lin Qingxi was leaning on.


Immediately, the hard wooden tabletop smashed into pieces.

There was a burst of exclamations at the scene.

Lin Wanwan patted her hands and smiled harmlessly. "I dont like to convince people by reason. I firmly believe that whoever has a bigger fist is the boss. So, if anyone would like to put on the cap of a bully for me in the future, please break both your legs first. If you dont, its not convincing at all! Ive said my piece, and I hope that I can get along well with everyone in the future."

As they watched her back as she was leaving, everyone sucked in a cold breath of air.

It looked like the rumor was true. Regardless of how harmless Lin Wanwan appeared to be, her ruthless heart couldnt be changed.

Now that she had revealed this, no one would dare to provoke her in the future.


Lin Qingxi let out a choked sob. She covered her mouth with a hand and pushed Xue Tiantian away, as if she was brokenhearted.

"Qingxi!" Xue Tiantian couldnt catch up with her and could only stomp her feet. "Lin Wanwans an unforgiving person. Qingxis a victim as well. On what basis is she bullying her like this?!"

Everyone remained silent.

Lin Wanwan was reasonable. Lin Qingxi indeed looked pitiful.

They couldnt afford to offend either one of them, so it was better to be just a quiet netizen.

For the next few days, although the atmosphere in the production team was a little awkward, everything was still calm.

Lin Wanwan and Lin Qingxi no longer greeted each other when they meet. Occasionally, when they were filming scenes together, they would treat it as business-as-usual and act like strangers.

Lin Wanwan was very satisfied with how they each minded their own business.

On this day, she got off work early. She lay on bed and sent Lu Zhanbei a message.

"It has been ten days. When are you coming back?"