Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 I Marry He Marries


A muffled sound of forbearance could be heard. Lin Wanwan tilted her head and met Wei Wanwans ferocious gaze.

She smiled slightly and didnt miss a step, leaving behind an elegant view of her back.

Wei Wanwans foot hurt, and she gritted her teeth in hatred.

Lin Wanwan got on the stage, and the two hosts squeezed her next to Luo Han.

"Wanwan, you and Luo Han are a famous on-screen couple in the entertainment circle. I heard that youre acting as a couple again in Fiery Rose. Have you considered making a false thing become true?"

Lin Wanwan smiled and said helplessly, "I have a boyfriend."

"Oh right, what a pity."

The host looked at Luo Han. "Does Emperor Luo find it a pity as well?"

Luo Han looked at him. "I seemed to remember saying that Lin Wanwans my future aunt. Theres nothing to find it a pity about toward an elder."

Seeing that they were unable to dig up any exciting news from the two, the hosts aimed the gossip fire at Lin Wanwan once again.

"Wanwan, todays a good day since you won a prize. Can you share with us what background your boyfriend has and what stage the two of you have progressed to?"

Lin Wanwan ignored the previous question. It was unknown what she thought of as her eyes became gentle.

"I marry, he marries."

Upon everyone hearing this, there was a commotion from below the stage.

"It looks like good news is nearing for the two of you."

The hosts said a few words of blessings and sent both of them down the stage after presenting the trophy to Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan returned to her seat and heard Lin Qingxi say her first sentence for tonight, "Wanwan, congratulations. I wish for you and your boyfriend to be lovey-dovey forever and lead a happy life together."

Lin Wanwan liked listening to this. Lin Qingxi added, "However, such words shouldnt be said. Girls have to be more reserved as well. What if your boyfriend thinks that you cant wait to get married and despises you?"

This woman had suffered a few losses. Why was it that she wasnt obedient yet?

"Could it be that you dont wish to marry your boyfriend?"

"Of course I do, but"

Lin Wanwan interrupted her. "Then he must definitely despise you as well, right?"

A flash of coldness flashed past Lin Qingxis eyes, but she still looked kind on the surface. "Wanwan, dont misunderstand. Of course I hope that you and your boyfriend can enter the marriage hall. However, its correct that girls should be more reserved."

Lin Wanwan felt annoyed and had wanted to retaliate when the mobile in her handbag vibrated.

She took it out and swiped her finger across the screen.

Lu Zhanbei: "I want to see you."

"Youre back?"

"Yes. Come out."

Lin Wanwan was dissatisfied with him giving commands.

Lin Wanwan: "Im attending a ceremony and cant walk away."

Lu Zhanbei: "Come to the rooftop."

Lin Wanwan blinked. She had not sent out her message of refusal yet when Lu Zhanbei sent a new message over.

Lu Zhanbei: "I miss you."

Lin Wanwan was easily satisfied all along. Her heart instantly achieved balance.

The awards ceremony was about to end. It was the banquet next. After meeting Lu Zhanbei, she could return as a formality.

Lin Qingxi saw her stand up and immediately asked, "Where are you going?"

This woman was really a busybody!

"The washroom."

While the crowds were attracted by the melodious singing on stage, Lin Wanwan left with a low profile. She lifted her dress, entered the lift, and directly reached the rooftop.

The rooftop was huge. However, no one was in sight.

Lin Wanwan looked around. Suddenly, she heard a rumbling sound. She looked up and, sure enough, saw a helicopter hovering above her.

The door opened, and a slender figure stood upright with slightly messy hair blown by the wind.