Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 108

Chapter 108 You As Beast In Human Clothing

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Lin Wanwan walked to the master bedroom in slippers that were not her size and knocked a few times.

When the door opened, just one look and Lin Wanwan was in a daze.

What came into view was smooth and white skin. Lu Zhanbei was only wrapped in a white bath towel around his waist. He was half-naked from the top!

Broad shoulders, narrow buttocks, and thin waist. The beautifully muscled lines were smooth and deep. The sexy Apollo’s belt extended downwards, which made people want to pry into it. The bath towel that obstructed this view made it all the more seductive.

This scene was too exciting. A spell seemed to have disabled Lin Wanwan, and she could not move.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows calmly. “Have you seen enough?”

Lin Wanwan finally recovered herself. She let out a short scream and quickly stepped back!

However, her feet slipped out from the slippers and she was about to go down. When her body was falling, both her hands reached out and seemed to have caught on to something. She gave that something a powerful tug!


That something which she tugged off fell to the ground. She also landed face-down on it.

“Ah!” It was so painful.

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered to see what that something was in her hands. She placed her hands on the ground, looked up, and was stunned.

She she she she actually pulled down Lu Zhanbei’s bath towel!

Also, this man was not wearing anything underneath the bath towel!

Boohoo, she had seen everything!

Lin Wanwan maintained her posture of looking up and preparing to stand up. However, she did not move and her soul seemed to have left her body.

Lu Zhanbei was as calm as ever. Looking at the petrified Lin Wanwan, he tried to take the bath towel from her hands.

She held on to it tightly. He tugged a few times but did not manage to tug it out. His eyebrows raised with a smile. “Lin Wanwan, if you want to continue appreciating, why don’t we head to bed?”

Lin Wanwan’s stiff eyeballs turned in her eyes. She looked at him, then hurriedly loosened her grip as if her hand had been burned.

“Oh my god!!!’

This scream nearly brought the house down.

Lu Zhanbei felt that his eardrums were going to burst from all the screaming. He threatened her, “If you scream again, I’m going to do you immediately.”

Lin Wanwan shut up and her eyes looked a little hollow. Her brain started to uncontrollably play the scenes that she saw just now.

Ah ah ah! This was crazy!

She had lived for so many years and never watched a pornographic film before. Now, she actually saw for herself a living!!!

Oh god, she dared not show her face to anyone!

As Lu Zhanbei elegantly wrapped himself up in a bath towel, he appreciated the changing expressions on her face.

Her face was white for a moment and dripping blood the next. It was simply exciting.

His lips curved more and more. Eventually, he could not help himself and laughed out loud.

“Ms. Lin, you’re having a nosebleed.”

Lin Wanwan subconsciously touched her nose and felt a bright red liquid.

“” Ah, was there anyone who could fire a shot at her? She was better off dead!

Lin Wanwan pinched her nose, climbed up with staggered movements, and ran without looking back.

A male voice could be heard leisurely behind her, “If you feel that you are losing out, I don’t mind looking at you naked too.”

You a*s! Beast in human clothing!


The loud closing of the door indicated that Lin Wanwan was both embarrassed and furious. She stuffed her head in the blanket.

Rub rub rub” She had totally thrown her own face today!

After a very long time, Lin Wanwan finally calmed down. She used paper towels to stuff her nose. As she was about to return to bed and continue being a corpse, someone knocked on the door.

“Come out.”

Hearing Lu Zhanbei’s voice, Lin Wanwan did not utter a sound.

“If I say I know how to help remove some parts of your memory, are you ready to give it a try?”

Lin Wanwan was jolted back to her senses. “There’s such a tactic?”

“No.” Lu Zhanbei’s voice had a hint of a smile.

“”Go and die!