Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 Havent Seen Each Other For Half A Month And They Missed Each Other Deeply

"Lu Zhanbei!"

The helicopter hovered above the rooftop. Lu Zhanbei watched her smiling face from atop and his heart burned.

They hadnt seen each other for a month and they missed each other deeply.

Seeing his lips curved up high and his eyes staring fixedly at Lin Wanwan, Gu Mo, who was standing by the side, was impressed.

Sir was going to be a proper wife-slave in the future.

Gu Mo wanted to lower the retractable stairs, but Lu Zhanbei couldnt wait and directly jumped down from a height of more than ten meters.

The moment he jumped down, Lin Wanwan ran toward him. When she was about to fall into his arms, which she so dearly missed, she suddenly jumped out.

"You stink. Lu Zhanbei, why do you have such a strong smell of sweat?"

Looking at him again, although he wasnt filthy, she saw that his black windbreaker jacket was a little dusty, which was very at odds from his usual clean and neat look.

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei locked her in his embrace and lowered his head to kiss her without saying a word.

There was no gentleness to speak of with this kiss, and Lin Wanwans lower lip ached slightly from the biting.

His stubbles rubbed against her skin, making it hot to the touch. Only when Lin Wanwans tears were about to fall did Lu Zhanbei finally let go of her. He tapped her slightly swollen lips with his fingertip.

"Serves you right."

After finishing with business, he had immediately gotten on the plane back to the country and didnt even get a chance to drink water.

This woman was good. Starting to despise him the moment she saw him.

Lin Wanwan sniffed, then frowned. "You smell of blood. Whom did you deal with?"

"Hai Ning."

It was that killer, then.

Lin Wanwan had a deep impression of this Hai Ning, whod crushed her confidence.

"Have you killed him, then?"


Lin Wanwan threw him a look that signaled he was weak.

Lu Zhanbei flicked a finger against her forehead. "This Hai Ning dispatched almost all his troops this time around. Although Hai Ning survived, he has suffered major injuries and shouldnt take action again any time soon."

Lin Wanwan squinted dangerously. "So you deliberately drew a snake out of its hole this time around and kept it from me?!"

"Its an accident." Seeing that she didnt believe it, Lu Zhanbei said, "I wont lie to you."

He changed the topic and hugged her. The voice that rang in her ears was gentle.

"Did you miss me? Eh?"

The heat sprayed from his breath made Lin Wanwans ears turn red. She subconsciously wrapped her arms around his lean waist and buried her face in it.

"Then did you miss me? You dont have to reply. I know your answer would definitely be no."

"No. I missed you a lot."

Just as Lin Wanwan was feeling puzzled over why he didnt play his cards accordingly, Lu Zhanbei sighed. "When youre not around, my hands ache."

Lin Wanwan glared at him, speechless in despair. "Lu Zhanbei, can you not be a killjoy?"

Shouldnt this short goodbye and reunion be warm and romantic? Why did he have to be so dirty-minded and violent?!

Lu Zhanbeis forehead was against hers. Those pretty pupils reflected his own look, as if she could only accommodate him in her eyes in the entire world.

Lu Zhanbei couldnt help but lower his head.

Although Lin Wanwan didnt say it, she missed him a lot in her heart. She was about to lean over when she saw from the corner of her eye Gu Mo looking at them with interest from the helicopter. Even God Mo had dropped his usual laziness and was in deep thought.

Lin Wanwan pushed Lu Zhanbei away and laughed dryly. "I cant be away for too long. Ill get going first."

Lu Zhanbei turned around and saw the two on the helicopter. Gu Mo immediately turned away his head, pretending to look at the scenery. Mo Jiushang gave a hand gesture, signaling him to continue.

"Ill go back and shower. See you at the Yun Mansion later."