Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Rouge Powder

When Lin Wanwan returned, the banquet had already begun.

Aside from people from the entertainment circle, there were also representatives from some well-known enterprises at the banquet. Everyone gathered to chat about gossip or expand their networks.

Lin Wanwan casually sat down at an inconspicuous spot. She saw Lin Qingxi holding a wine glass and chatting with a few female celebrities.

As she wasnt too far away, she could hear the contents of their conversation.

"Qingxi, the sapphire necklace on your neck is so beautiful!"

Lin Qingxi said gently, "This necklaces called The Countesss Secret. it appeared in the late 18th century and had been in the hands of many people. As its collection value was extraordinarily high, my boyfriend bought it after discovering it at an auction half a year ago."

"How much did you buy it for?"

"A little over two hundred million."

The people surrounding her immediately sucked in a cold breath of air. They said with envy, "Qingxi, your boyfriends so good to you."

Lin Qingxi smiled shyly. She saw Lin Wanwan playing with her mobile from the corner of her eye. "Actually, the best boyfriend isnt one who can buy you expensive gifts. Isnt it good to have a low-profile and sweet relationship, like Wanwan and her boyfriend do?"

Some of them pouted. "I wont seek out a poor person. Im so good-looking and should naturally be pampered."

"Lin Wanwan has exposed her relationship such a long time ago. However, we dont even know what her boyfriend looks like."

"So what? Emperor Luos uncle definitely has a strong background."

"Thats hard to say. There hasnt been news about this person after so long. Perhaps Emperor Luo has a good relationship with Lin Wanwan and helped her come up with this story. Even if there was indeed such a person, perhaps hes ugly and couldnt be seen in public."

These discussions were very soft, but Lin Wanwan was sharp-eared and heard them.

She stood up and prepared to leave this place full of gossip.

When she was passing by Lin Qingxi, Lin Qingxi suddenly said, "Wanwan, are you leaving already?"

"Yes. I hope you have fun."

At this moment, a uniformed staff personnel walked over. "Whos Ms. Lin? Your friends here to pick you up."

"Which Ms. Lin?"

There were only Lin Wanwan and Lin Qingxi surnamed Lin here.

The staff personnel shook his head. "He didnt say. However, hes a very young Mister and is good-looking. He also drives an expensive sports car."

Upon hearing this, a girl with short curly hair squeezed her eyes at Lin Qingxi. "It must be your boyfriend."

The other two chimed in, "Qingxi, your boyfriends worried about you and have to take you home personally in order to feel at ease. Well accompany you out. You can also let us have a look at your young, wealthy, and gentle boyfriend."

Lin Qingxi swept her gaze over Lin Wanwan. Seeing that she wasnt saying anything, she knew it in her heart.

"Although Ah Yuan said he would pick me up, I still dont know if its him. Lets go out and take a look. Wanwan, he might be picking you up."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and didnt say anything.

The other female celebrities pouted in disdain.

All of them went out. From afar, they saw the sports car parked on the right side of the entrance. The stylish body reflected bright luster under the lights.

"This is Koenigsegg One?"

The person who spoke was Li Yan, a renowned female celebrity in the entertainment circle who loved to undergo plastic surgery. She was the third female lead in the "Fiery Rose" and had a couple of filming scenes with Lin Qingxi.