Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 It Was Best Said When Nothing Was Said At All

Almost everyone in the entertainment circle knew that she had a wealthy godfather. As such, she had a good eye and could recognize the origins of this car immediately.

"There are only six of such cars globally!"

The other two held Lin Qingxis arm excitedly.

"Qingxi, your boyfriends so wealthy. Quickly bring us over and introduce us to him."

"Qingxi, I havent been inside such an expensive car before. Can you drop me off if were going the same way later?"

Lin Qingxi could sense the jealousy and dark thoughts in their tones. She enjoyed the feeling of being respected but also despised them for their sluttiness.

Based on their qualities, did these women want to seduce her man as well?

However, she remembered that Ah Yuan didnt buy this car before. Could it be that it was here to pick Lin Wanwan up?

Lin Qingxi looked over and was about to say something when Lin Wanwan dug out her mobile and said, "Have a good chat. I didnt drive today, so my managers going to pick me up."

Lin Qingxi heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like she had guessed wrongly. This should be the new car Ah Yuan bought.

"Qingxi, why are you standing there in a daze? Lets hurry over. Dont let your dear get too anxious from waiting."

Lin Qingxi smiled, as if comforting them. Then, she said, "Wanwan, it doesnt seem to be troublesome. I can get Ah Yuan to send you back. Its just a trivial matter."

Lin Wanwan replied very straightforwardly, "Sure. Thank you, then."

Lin Qingxi led a few people toward the car. "Wanwan, Ive always been curious about your boyfriend. Wont you let us gossip and share with us what he does?"

"He opened his own company," Lin Wanwan said, speaking the truth.

"Is his company big?" Li Yan was a little interested.

"Its alright."

"Then how is he compared to Qingxis boyfriend?"

"In my heart, hes naturally the best."

Lin Wanwan smiled lightly, but Lin Qingxi frowned in disgust.

How dare a casual nobody be compared to her man?

"Wanwan, its dangerous for a girl to go home alone. You have to get him to fetch you more when youre out in the future. If hes not willing to, you can get him to buy you a scooter or something. However, based on your status in the entertainment circle, its a little detrimental to be driving something below 10 million dollars."

She seemed to be complimenting her but was actually concealing evil.

Li Yan covered her mouth and laughed. "I saw the rumors on the Internet that Lin Wanwans boyfriend is good-looking and wealthy, and that he is even better than young Tang. I was still doubtful before. Now, I dont believe it at all."

"Qingxis still the lucky one. Both are surnamed Lin. Why is it that the difference is so huge?"

Lin Wanwan lowered her head and remained silent.

Lin Qingxi looked as if she disapproved of this. "Ok, lets stop talking."

They walked to the car. Lin Qingxi tried to pull open the door but realized it was locked. She could only knock on the window. "Ah Yuan, Im here. Open the door quickly. I even brought along some friends Ive just met to introduce to you."

Li Yan and the rest looked at the sports car with luster and their eyes shone.

However, there was no response from the car.

Lin Qingxi knocked on the window more heavily. "Ah Yuan!"

Finally, the car door was pushed open with a small gap. Lin Qingxi heaved a sigh of relief. She was about to enter when a cold male voice traveled over.

"Lin Wanwan, get in. The rest, go away."

Lin Qingxi stood rooted at the original spot and her face turned bluish-white.

Li Yan and the rest, who planned to get into the car, were shocked as well. They instinctively looked at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan smiled. She successfully pulled open the other car door and got in.

It was best said when nothing was said at all.