Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Jointly Hitting Her Face

The car started and a wave of dust was rolled up. It landed on the bunch of peoples hair and they looked more in a sorry state.

After a long silence, the shock on Li Yans face didnt fade away. "What is going on? Qingxi, isnt this car your boyfriends?"

Lin Qingxi felt that she was given a slap to the face and it was burning with pain.

Lin Wanwan must have done this deliberately!

Deliberately letting her misunderstand that this was Jin Yuans new car and causing her to lose her face!

Li Yan looked in the direction where the car left. She held her face with both hands and looked lovesick. "Could it be that the rumor is true and that Lin Wanwan has a boyfriend whos more perfect than young Tang?"

The other two had looks of envy as well and were thinking in their hearts how they should build up a good relationship with Lin Wanwan.

Lin Qingxi quickly wiped away the ugly look on her face. She smiled and said, "Havent you heard what that waiter said just now? Hes only Lin Wanwans friend. Perhaps he indeed has some intimate relationship with Lin Wanwan but used the identity of a friend to disguise it."

Li Yan was aroused by her words. "Qingxi, you mean that this man might be Lin Wanwans financier?"

Lin Qingxi waved her hands, panicky. "I didnt say that. Its just that Yanyan, you also knew about what happened when we had a team meal previously. Although she has a boyfriend, she still kissed another man. Such a move was quite bold."

She was only short of saying that Lin Wanwan was promiscuous.

Li Yan and the rest were in deep thought.

"Perhaps the person Lin Wanwan claimed was her boyfriend was her financier. Hes just playing with her and thus is unwilling to reveal his face in public. That Lin Wanwan still boasted that she marries, he marries. How shameless!"

"Even if hes not her boyfriend, Lin Wanwans quite capable to have seduced such a wealthy financier."

"Whats there to be envious about a financier whos old, ugly, and probably has a wife and kids?"

The look of ruthlessness in Lin Qingxis eyes disappeared. She used her weak appearance to disguise the ruthlessness in her heart.

On the way back to the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan smiled and asked, "Lu Zhanbei, did you do it deliberately?"

"What deliberately?"

"Dont play the fool. You could have said directly to find Lin Wanwan. Why did you have to say Ms. Lin? Didnt you do so deliberately for Lin Qingxi to misunderstand?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at the road ahead. "You cooperated well."

Lin Wanwan flipped her hair smugly. "That is, once I heard it was for a Ms. Lin, I knew that you had come to fetch me. Who knew Lin Qingxi was so narcissistic? I had tolerated her for long. It was such a good chance to hit her in the face. Of course I wouldnt miss it."

Lu Zhanbei laughed.

Upon returning to the Yun Mansion, both of them headed upstairs.

When Lin Wanwan pushed open the door to the bedroom, Lu Zhanbei grabbed her hand.


Lu Zhanbei looked at her teasingly, but more of it was desire. "I can marry you anytime. When do you plan to marry me?"

"" How did the words she said at the ceremony reach Lu Zhanbeis ears so quickly?

Lin Wanwan gave him a side glance. "You dont even have a diamond ring. What kind of proposal is this?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "If I can produce it, youll agree?"

"Lets see after you produce it."

Lu Zhanbei didnt bother with her over these word traps. He took out a huge wooden box with a rough appearance from the bedside table.


Lin Wanwan received it. As she opened it, she said, "You couldnt have casually picked up a cobblestone from the road What the!"