Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Marry Me. You Can Have As Many Of These Invaluable Things As You Want

The moment the box was opened, Lin Wanwans eyes were almost pierced by the bright lights.

The box was full of


They were mostly colorless diamonds. Others were rare pink and blue diamonds. There was a variety and all of their carat numbers werent small. There was even one that was as big as an adults fist.

Even if Lin Wanwan had seen a lot of jewelry before, she inevitably showed a shocked expression.

There were so many diamonds enough to support a jewelry store!

Lu Zhanbei took it easy and asked, "There are so many here enough for you to get married a few times, right?"

Lin Wanwan laughed dryly. "Brother Zhanbei, you didnt rob a diamond mine, right?"

"I dug a diamond mine."

Lin Wanwan was so jealous that her eyes turned red.

They were both humans. Why was it that Lu Zhanbei could be Gods biological son but she couldnt even be considered an illegitimate daughter?

Lu Zhanbei touched her face and said seductively, "Marry me. You can have as many of these invaluable things as you want."

Lin Wanwans lips twitched.

It was shameless to boast about wealth.

"Thanks, but I dont really like diamonds."

"Oh, I still have a gem mine and a few gambling stone farms under my name. What do you like?"

"" Lin Wanwan felt tired in her heart and didnt want to say anything.

Lu Zhanbei sighed. Others wives liked pretty clothes or expensive jewelry.

Besides having some ambition in her career and liking to eat desserts, his wife was simply like an old monk without any desires. Men who wanted to please her were destined to fail.

Lu Zhanbei showered, then hugged Lin Wanwan in bed.

"Lets sleep."

He seemed to be very tired, shocking Lin Wanwan. She moved her eyes and smiled, bearing bad intentions.

"Lu Zhanbei~" She called out like a spoiled child.


Lin Wanwan turned over and climbed up, kissing his lips.

"Stop it."

Lin Wanwan felt that she had found the chance to get one back for herself. As she nibbled on his sexy Adams apple, she flirted, "We didnt see each other for half a month. I really missed you so much. Dont you want to do anything with me?"

"Im tired." Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes. No one could see clearly the emotion in his eyes. "Arent you tired?"

"Im prepared to fight with you until dawn tonight. Im very energetic!"


Lin Wanwan saw that he looked lazy, as if uninterested. She guessed that he might be really tired and was about to climb down.

Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei quickly suppressed her under him. How was his handsome face carefree?

"A fight until dawn. You said so yourself."

Lin Wanwan reacted and immediately exploded.

"Lu Zhanbei, you trapped me again!"

"All is fair in war."

Lu Zhanbei blocked her mouth, which had wanted to curse and swear. He removed her clothes skillfully, using all means to please her.

Amidst the extreme chill, Lin Wanwans body trembled. Fireworks seemed to have burst out from her brain.

This was just the beginning.

Lu Zhanbei meant what he said. He was hard-hearted and fought her until dawn.

Even if Lin Wanwan was physically fit, she couldnt handle it. Thankfully, she was on leave that day. Otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to get out of bed.

After taking a good rest, Lin Wanwan returned to the production studio of "Fiery Rose." As she sat down, the girl responsible for her makeup leaned over.

"Wanwan, let me ask you something. Dont think that Im gossiping."


"Is your boyfriend fictional, or is he just your"