Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Something Happened

The girl looked embarrassed. Lin Wanwan immediately guessed what the term she didnt say was and frowned. Before she could say anything, Liu Zilin, who came over today as well, said unhappily, "Ive seen Wanwans boyfriend. They have a good relationship."

"Oh. I see"

Obviously, the girl didnt believe much.

As Lin Wanwans assistant, of course Liu Zilin would side with her.

"Did anyone say anything about me?"

This girl had a good relationship with Lin Wanwan. She was one of the rare few in the production team who wasnt bought over by Lin Qingxi.

She hesitated for a while, then said lowly, "Li Yan has been telling people in the entertainment circle that your boyfriends actually a financier who supports you. Hes old and ugly and might already have a few children."

Lin Wanwan laughed.

Although Lu Zhanbei had never exposed his face, they had appeared in the same frame before. Coupled with Luo Hans testimony, wasnt that convincing enough?

This world was like that. As long as female celebrities had a relationship with someone wealthy, it was either they climbed up the ranks by being a third party or were supported by financiers.

"Im going to talk things out with that Li Yan. On what basis is she creating rumors?!"

"Forget it."

Lin Wanwan pulled back Liu Zilin. She said calmly, but with an unexplainable force of threat, "As long as she doesnt make trouble outside, she can create rumors however she likes. I would never admit to something I havent done. The people in the entertainment circle arent fools. They wont be easily led by the nose."

The girl didnt know why, but she suddenly thought of something that Lin Wanwan said a few days ago.

"Whoever bullies me, Ill take a step back. Whoever bullies me again, Ill take another step back. If that whoever bullies me yet again, dont blame me for playing her to death!"

Lin Wanwan only wanted to finish filming the drama as soon as possible. Regardless of how others discussed privately or looked at her with tinted glasses, she ignored all of them. She did what she should every day. As time passed, the rumors gradually died down.

In the afternoon, Si Han called to inform her that "Original Sin" was about to start screening in cinemas.

Lin Wanwan filmed a few movies and most of them were big hits. Her reputation as a box office elixir gradually rose. Even those netizens who didnt like her had to admit that she had some acting skills.

Once the news of "Original Sin" screening was out, Ball fans and movie lovers started to purchase tickets.

When Lin Wanwan was free, she made an inquiry. All the movie tickets from the afternoon to midnight shows were sold out, causing a lot of people who didnt get tickets to complain.

Lin Wanwan was puzzled.

The news of the movie release was not even out half a day yet. How could it be that it was sold out so quickly?

Even netizens in the small cities said that they didnt manage to purchase tickets.

Although suspicious, the truth was simply that. She didnt waste her brain cells anymore.

The news of movie tickets for "Original Sin" being snatched up instantly made the headlines. Complaining comments could be found below the caption.

"As soon as the online sales channel was open, I immediately went to book a ticket. Within two hours, when I wanted to book another ticket, they were all sold out. Even the latest midnight show had no tickets left. I initially still wanted to watch it with my boyfriend."

"Even the ticket booking rate for The Distance Just for You isnt that scary!"

"Wei Wanwans Ten Years officially screens today as well. I just saw the ticket booking situation for this movie. Its a little pitiful. Even the earliest screening isnt sold out yet. I can imagine how pitiful tomorrows box office sales will be."

"Both of them are Wanwans. However, Lin Wanwan is still more awesome."

Netizens were not the only ones who felt that Lin Wanwan was stronger than Wei Wanwan in all aspects. Even professional critics thought so as well.