Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 Someone Was Deliberately Pranking Her

A movie critic named Le Zhouzhou wrote a long Weibo post, including a comprehensive analysis of the two in the aspects of acting skills, character, and personality.

Without a doubt, Wei Wanwan was criticized as worthless.

In the end, he even vowed that the box office sales for "Original Sin" would put "Ten Years" behind by eight streets.

This long Weibo received over ten thousand likes from netizens.

However, Lin Wanwan frowned hard. It was either this Le Zhouzhou had a grudge against Wei Wanwan or he was Lin Wanwans anti-fan. He appeared to be supporting her but was actually sowing discord.

If Wei Wanwan saw this Weibo, the misunderstanding between them would become bigger and bigger.

"Wanwan, its your turn!"

Hearing the assistant directors call for her, Lin Wanwan put down her mobile and walked over.

There was night filming tonight. She couldnt spare time to watch the movie. When she got off work, it was already 2 am.

After showering, she went to bed.

In the end, Lin Wanwan was awakened by a call.

She opened her eyes in a daze and felt for her mobile under the pillow with her conditioned reflexes.


"Sister Ball, what time is it already? Why are you still asleep?"

Lin Wanwan glanced at her mobile screen and tried to be energized. "Baoer, its only 7:30 am. Why are you calling me now instead of sleeping?"

"I went to watch Original Sin yesterday night."

"Was it nice?"

"Sister Balls shows are nice!"

After Ruan Baoer said this happily, her tone became stern. "I watched the premiere. However, aside from me in the theatre, there were only forty to fifty people. Not even half of the seats were filled. Didnt the Internet say that tickets were unavailable?"

Lin Wanwan suddenly realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately sat up. "Ill check on this immediately!"

"Someone changed the tickets of Original Sin maliciously. Box office sales was bleak!"

"Lin Wanwan suffered a Waterloo. Her position as the box office elixir isnt guaranteed!"

The newly released headlines made Lin Wanwans face sink.

She browsed Weibo and realized many of them had encountered the same situation as Ruan Baoer.

Lin Wanwan didnt need to investigate and had obtained the truth from the news reported by media.

Only 20% of the audience who bought tickets to "Original Sin" was admitted. The others were refunded before the movie screening, causing the box office sales on the first day to be only 20 million dollars.

Obviously, someone was deliberately pranking her.

The first person Lin Wanwan suspected was Wei Wanwan!

Anyone with a brain could tell that this was a conspiracy against Lin Wanwan. However, Lin Wanwans anti-fans and the fans of her competitors started mocking her badly.

"Is a sales of 20 million dollars considered a box office elixir as well? Although our Wanwan isnt the most talented, the Ten Years she starred in as a female lead obtained a box office sales of 50 million dollars. Ball fans were so arrogant yesterday. Do you know how much your face is hurting now?"

"I dont think this was a large-scale malicious change of tickets. The movies Lin Wanwan starred in are rubbish. Its very normal for others to regret at the last minute and not want to catch it."

Even Le Zhouzhou forwarded this Weibo and commented:


Some people sympathized with her and some people ridiculed her. However, more people understood that "Original Sin" was to be ruined and there was going to be a stain on Lin Wanwans track record.

This kind of thing wasnt easy to check on.

Even if Lin Wanwan made a police report immediately, it was unknown how long later it would be for the mastermind behind this to be found.

"Original Sin" might no longer be screening by then. What effect would this achieve?