Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Becoming A Better Self

Lin Wanwan wasnt planning to sit back and wait. As long as she was willing to, she had ways to make Wei Wanwan appear. However, it was still better to use a solution within the entertainment circle to deal with things that happened in the entertainment circle.

Lin Wanwan went to the winery. The bedroom door wasnt locked, so she barged in directly.

"Si damn!"

Lin Wanwans conditioned reflexes led her to turn around once she saw the man only in his black underwear. "The suns high up in the sky now and youre actually still sleeping lazily? Also, can you be any more shameless?"

Si Han grabbed his messy black hair. He squinted his narrow and long eyes, showing a little lazy charm.

"Disrupting my beauty sleep early in the morning. Arent you lacking morals?"

Lin Wanwan picked up the trousers on the sofa and threw it over his brain.

"Put it on."

Si Han slowly put on his trousers. "Is anything the matter?"

Lin Wanwan related to him what had happened. In the end, Si Han snorted in disdain. "Its a matter that can be done in minutes. Did you need to find me so anxiously?"

"No, I would like to ask something from you."

"Tell me."

Lin Wanwan blinked. "Si Dada, are you willing to accept a disciple?"

Si Han leaned against the head of the bed. His upper body was exposed to the air and his trousers had started to fall slightly as he wasnt wearing a belt. A line of black edges was revealed, exuding the charm of a mature man. "That depends on which aspect."

"Which aspects are you willing to accept?"

"Drinking, playing cards, playing women."

Lin Wanwan touched her nose, speechless. "I have no use in learning these."

"Then what do you want to learn?"


Si Han understood what she meant immediately. "You want to rely on hacking techniques to find evidence of the malicious refunds?"

"Yes, yes."

It didnt hurt to learn more skills.

After getting together with Lu Zhanbei, she increasingly wanted to become a better self.

"I can teach you. However, do you want the pace to be fast or slow?"

"Is it possible for this to be fast?"

"Get yourself a smarter brain."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at this lousy manager who always despised her. "Do you think that I wont kill you and then switch my brain with yours?"

Si Han laughed lazily. "You have to work hard for everything and anything. You dont know anything about this. Even if I teach you now, you wont be able to understand. If you are really keen to learn, go read up on some programming books first. Come to me after you have the basics."


If she could, Lin Wanwan also hoped to support herself.

Si Han got off the bed and opened his laptop on the table. "Ill help you settle it this time around. If you run into similar trouble in the future, youre on your own."

"No problem!"

Lin Wanwan didnt dare to disturb the busy Si Han and returned to the Yun Mansion.

Once Lu Zhanbei entered, he saw her relaxing and drinking tea.

"It looks like youve found a solution."

"Of course."

"Went to find Si Han?"

Lin Wanwan seemed to hear a trace of dissatisfaction from his tone. She didnt take it to heart and explained everything to him. In the end, she even said gleefully, "With Si Han giving his all to help me, I can become a female hacker very soon!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her without any clear meaning.

"Lin Wanwan."


"Actually, I know a little or two about this as well."


Lu Zhanbei looked into Lin Wanwans confused eyes and his eyelids jumped. He gritted his teeth. "You can learn from me."

Lin Wanwan blinked and answered very straightforwardly, "Ok."

"Then we should talk about school fees now."