Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 The Vest Had Fallen. Dont You Find That Embarrassing Enough?

Heh heh. She knew he harbored bad intentions.

Lin Wanwan pouted. "Then forget it. Its free for Si Dada. Ill learn from him."

Lu Zhanbei could only give up the thought of bargaining with her. "Its free for me too."

"Its fine. Si Dada said as long as Im willing to be his disciple, he will take care of all my desserts after meals."

"I can do that as well."

"Si Dada further said that he would give me a one-hour massage every day."

What a pity that Mr. Lu didnt buy her words.

Lin Wanwan spared some time to look at the ticket booking situation.

"Original Sin" was still sold out for every screening. Even a single ticket couldnt be obtained for the screening tomorrow.

Needless to say, the mastermind was planning to prank her to death.

In the face of this situation, the director of "Original Sin" was very worried and called her several times in a row.

After Si Han sent over the evidence, she would immediately take action.

She had to be quick. The box office sales every day not only affected her popularity but also her interests.

At the same time, in the Feng family.

Wei Wanwan looked at the news about her box office sales crushing Lin Wanwans all over the Internet. She was so happy that she squinted and smiled smugly at Feng Xiaowei. "Sister Xiaowei, Ive won. I have to thank you for lending me so much money. If you hadnt, I couldnt have done all of these."

Feng Xiaowei smiled casually. "Youre my sister. Of course Ill help you."

"If theres anything Sister Xiaowei needs my help with in the future, Ill definitely not reject you."


Feng Xiaowei agreed with a smile but disapproved in her heart.

If this trick was used on other female celebrities, it might have worked wonders. However, Lin Wanwan had Lu Zhanbei to protect her. This little trouble wouldnt cause her much hurt.

So what?

As long as it was something that made Lin Wanwan unhappy, she would do it.

"Im going to do a Weibo post to celebrate."

Wei Wanwan: "I am the unique Wanwan. Im quite satisfied with the box office sales for Ten Years and have lived up to the expectations of the director and fans. I have a hunch that the results for the movie will become better and better. After all, I dont film rubbish shows."

It was clear at a glance who this sarcastic Weibo message was being aimed at.

After a while, Wei Wanwan opened the comments section and thought that she would receive support and compliments.

However, it was full of Doge meme faces.

"Wei Wanwan, your vest had fallen. What are you still so smug about? Dont you find that embarrassing enough? Seeing that youre pitiful, let me remind you to take a look at Lin Wanwans Weibo quickly."

What did this mean?

An ominous feeling flashed past Wei Wanwans heart and she opened Lin Wanwans account.

Fifteen minutes ago, Lin Wanwan posted a Weibo message and pinned it.

Below the message, all nine photos were occupied.

The pictures were accounts of netizens who had purchased tickets, then refunded them. Their IP addresses came from a company known as "Tiantian."

There was also an audio link to it.

After she clicked it open, she heard a mans voice.

"Im the boss of Tiantian Company. As long as Lin Wanwan doesnt sue me, Im willing to admit to things. A Miss surnamed Wei got me to do this."

Upon hearing this, Wei Wanwans face turned pale immediately.

"Sister Xiaowei, Im done for"

Feng Xiaowei leaned over and frowned after reading it.

Although Lin Wanwan didnt name names, which netizen wouldnt know that she was the culprit?

Without her audience base, her future in the entertainment circle would be ruined.