Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089 Comparisons Were Odious

"What are you panicking for? Anyway, you entered the entertainment circle just for fun. Are you afraid that the Wei family cant support you?"

"But Im unwilling to take this lying down!"

Feng Xiaoweis eyes shone. "Youre not young anymore and are at the age to talk about marriage. I know some men with good qualities and can introduce them to you. If youre really unwilling, you can take revenge on Lin Wanwan before leaving the entertainment circle."

Wei Wanwan jolted to attention. "Sister Xiaowei has an idea?"

Feng Xiaowei smiled creepily.

Since she still couldnt separate Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan after trying so many methods, she could only use extreme means now.

She understood it clearer than anyone else, the logic behind the saying that not even a prairie fire can destroy the grass as it grows again when the spring breeze blows. She could get a chance to be together with Lu Zhanbei only after Lin Wanwan disappeared from this world completely!

She had to plan this well

Lin Wanwan contacted the person-in-charge of a few ticket sellers. After their overtime work, the tickets purchased by the Tiantian Company were refunded and normal purchasing resumed.

Due to the recent confrontation between Lin Wanwan and Wei Wanwan, "Original Sin" received a high amount of attention.

A few hours after the normal ticket rush, the tickets were sold out once again.

The next day, the media collated the box office sales for that day.

Five hundred million!

The comparisons were odious.

Ball fans had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. Wei Wanwans fans dropped by hundreds of thousands immediately, and the other diehard fans who were loyal remained quiet.

Next, box office sales increased all the way.

Lin Wanwan was on fire. Fu Ya transformed from a little nobody actress into a goddess in the minds of countless men.

After all, her role was even more voluptuous in certain aspects compared to the female lead. Also, it was destined she wouldnt be mediocre with her high-value vixen-like look.

Lin Wanwan made use of this opportunity and discussed with Si Han. She announced on Weibo the establishment of Lin Wanwan Studio.

Fu Ya took the initiative and signed up for this.

Liu Zilin was left to manage the official Weibo account for Lin Wanwan Studio.

For a period of time, all the headlines from the major entertainment sections were full of Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwans friends naturally felt happy for her. However, her enemies werent.

There were still Feng Xiaowei and Lin Wanxin.

Lin Wanxin dug out her mobile and dialed a number. "Hows it going with the information you were checking previously?"

"Im about done. I can fax them to you now."

"Do it quickly."

Not too long later, a thick stack of information arrived in the fax machine.

Lin Wanxin flipped through the pages one by one. They included Lin Wanwans itineraries for the past two years, from her every job to her travels with Lu Zhanbei. Aside from some which were extremely secretive, all other matters, regardless of whether theyre important or trivial, were covered.

As she flipped through, Lin Wanxin seemed to have realized something and her lips curved.

She dialed another number again.

"Sir, its me."

Qi Junzes gloomy voice traveled over. "Is anything the matter?"

"Sir, I suspect Lu Zhanbei wasnt poisoned at all."

"Impossible!" Qi Junze blurted out, then very quickly calmed down. "What evidence do you have?"

"If Lu Zhanbei relied on medicines to temporarily extend his life, he should be weak in all aspects of his body. Ive seen him personally before, and I even saw him fighting with an enemy. His formidable skills were by no means what a short-lived person was capable of."

Qi Junzes breathing became heavy and carried with it restraint.

The reason he could tolerate it until now was that he was waiting for Lu Zhanbei to die from the poison.

If Lu Zhanbei was well and alive, wasnt all his waiting a joke?