Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Easily Adaptable

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Lin Wanwan did not say anything again. After a while, Lu Zhanbei’s voice traveled in, “I ordered desserts from Jin Tong Que. Do you want to eat?”

Not a single sound could be heard inside.

Lu Zhanbei turned around. “I’ll be on my way then.”

He had not yet left when the door was pulled open.

Lin Wanwan glared fiercely at him. Her cheeks were still covered with a thin layer of red, and she did not look threatening at all.

In Lu Zhanbei’s eyes, she was like a kitten with teeth bared and claws outspread.

He could not help but swear, “I’m the one who’s been seen buck naked. I’m not even angry, so what are you angry at?”

Acting as if she lost out when she benefited!

Lin Wanwan did not want to be belittled by him. She gave him a side glance with a half smile. “Because I feel faint when I see needles.”


Was she provoking him or questioning him?

Lu Zhanbei squinted both eyes and stepped forward.

Sensing danger, Lin Wanwan jumped back and immediately shrugged her shoulders. “Haha, I’m just kidding. How could yours be a needle?”

“Then what is it?”

“It must be a golden cudgel, easily adaptable!”

After saying this, that scene flashed past Lin Wanwan’s mind again. Oh, it was too embarrassing! What a sin!

Lu Zhanbei sneered, “You’re saying it as though you have tried it before.”

“” She did not want to try as well, alright?

The desserts were already served on the table in the living room.

Lin Wanwan sat on the sofa and picked up a mousse. As she bit into it, she said angrily, “Don’t think that just because you gave me a sweet date after a slap, I will forgive you for your hooligan act!”

Lu Zhanbei laughed. “I can’t be accused for nothing. I’ll let you experience what a real hooligan act is like later on.”

Lin Wanwan’s mouth was full. She stared at him and continued to eat.

Lu Zhanbei asked, “You like to eat desserts a lot?”

Lin Wanwan nodded. “I can go without rice, but I can’t go without desserts.”


“Because desserts can improve one’s mood.”

A layer of mist formed in Lu Zhanbei’s eyes. The smile on his lips started to fall. “Is that so?”

He also picked up a piece of cake, took a bite, and carefully chewed it.

Lin Wanwan was busy eating. After having her fill, she clapped her hands and stood up. “It’s not early anymore. I shall go and sleep. Goodnight.”

She headed upstairs. Midway, she turned her head inadvertently.

Lu Zhanbei was sitting languidly on the sofa. His eyes closed, he was holding his chin with one hand. The dim light shone on his handsome side view, making him seem less distant. It was fascinatingly gentle.

However, she could detect a sense of loneliness from him.

This must be an illusion!

Returning to the guest room, Lin Wanwan was no longer in the mood to watch movies. She snuggled in the blanket and slept until the next morning.

The next day, she hitched a ride from Lu Zhanbei and returned to school. Out of habit, she glanced at the table next to her, which was empty again, unsurprisingly.

She led a very quiet life, and filming progressed very quickly too. In the blink of an eye, more than one month had passed.

When class ended, the teacher announced that there would be a mid-year examination a month later. Everyone mourned at the news.

Lin Wanwan felt a bit of a headache too. She was not worried if she could score well. Instead, she was worried she would score too well and cause suspicion.

On Friday night, she arrived at the studio punctually. There was a kissing scene with the male lead Chu Yang today.

Of course, it was just borrowing the perspective.

A movie was not a television drama, and there was no need for gimmicks to improve viewership.

Following An Qiao’s command, Lin Wanwan got into the character of Bai Xianxian.

Concubine Bai was lazily soaking in the bath. Suddenly, a hand lifted her chin.

She tilted her head slightly, and her indifferent expression became charming in an instant. Her wet arm wrapped around the young emperor’s neck.

“Your Majesty”