Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 Leaving The Industry?

"Sir, we should target Lin Wanwan before getting to Lu Zhanbei."

Although Lin Wanwan was a challenging target, Lin Wanxin was tired of seeing her success.

"Do you have a plan?"

"Lin Wanwan leaves the country secretly every three months, sometimes alone and other times with Lu Zhanbei. I have no idea where she goes to, but its a good chance. With the help of the organization, we can use her to threaten Lu Zhanbei!"

"I will consider it."

Although Qi Junze was moved, such things were no rushing matter.

"I will wait for your reply."

Lin Wanxin knew that Qi Junze would agree to her plan.

He always wanted immediate results, and he dreamed of reuniting with Tang Chen. Although he was a smart man, it was easy to control him when he lost his patience.

Lin Wanxin dialed another mysterious number and spoke softly. "Tell the boss that the show is about to begin."

Not only was she sick of watching Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbeis happy lives, but her real boss was bored and needed some fun.

Apart from filming, Lin Wanwan started learning to code.

It was tough in the beginning, but with Lu Zhanbeis help, she could soon put the numbers and letters into good use.

During her lunch break, Lin Wanwan got a call from Fan Xiaochen, who was asking for help.

"Urgent, send help now!"

Lin Wanwan didnt wait for him to tell her the cause and rushed to his location.

In the cafe beside the Lin Corporation, Lin Wanwan hurried to Fan Xiaochens lounge.

As she pushed the door open, she saw a woman hugging Fan Xiaochen by his waist.

He looked powerless, and a similar-looking man was glaring at him harshly.

The woman was sobbing. "Xiaochen, come with us. Mom misses you"

The mans eyes widened. "He was the one who cut ties with the family, and there is no going back now! I will not allow it!"

Lin Wanwan understood the situation. It was a tragedy.

"I dont care! I allow it!"

Fan Xiaochens mother wouldnt let go of him.

"Xiaochen, since you have left Xu Nian, come back to us. Find the right girl and let me have a grandchild. Thats the only way I can die in peace!"

"Cough" Lin Wanwan coughed to announce her presence.

Fan Xiaochen let out a sigh of relief and eyed her with all his might.

Lin Wanwan walked over. "Hi, Mr. Fan and Madam Fan, I am Lin Wanwan."

When she realized the others presence, Madam Fan restored her grace. "I know you; you are the one who helped Xiaochen recognize Xu Nians true colors. I should thank you, but your status falls short in terms of becoming Fan Xiaochens wife."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Fan Xiaochen frowned. "Whats wrong? She is my boss now."

Then, Fan Xiaochens father spoke up. "Have a seat."

The four sat.

The father broke the silence. "Fan Xiaochen, if you insist on marrying Lin Wanwan, I will allow it. Although the Lin family is not one of the tops, it still has a fine reputation. However, she must leave the entertainment industry and be a housewife."