Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Honey You Are Here

Fan Xiaochens mother pondered before nodding.

Although Lin Wanwan was not a princess, she was at least a woman who could help carry on their name.

Fan Xiaochens voice was firm. "I will not go back to the Fan family, and Lin Wanwan will not leave the entertainment industry."


His father slammed the table with anger written on his face. "Dont cross the line. I have forgiven you and am allowing you to be with Lin Wanwan thanks to your mother. What else do you want?"

Lin Wanwan didnt know what to say. "Mr. Fan, I have a boyfriend, and I dont have a relationship with Fan Xiaochen."

Mr. Fan, who was no fan of gossip, had had no idea.

Fan Xiaochens mother snorted. "Xiaochen is the only child of the Fan family. How can your boyfriend compare to him?"

Lin Wanwan didnt explode as she didnt want to make it awkward for Fan Xiaochen.

"You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink."

"We have all the time in the world."

"I love my boyfriend, and I dont want to break up with him." Lin Wanwan was at the limit of her tolerance.

Fan Xiaochens mother ran out of patience. "Lin Wanwan, dont act up around here. If it were not for Xiaochen, I would never allow you into the Fan family. Becoming the first madam of the Fan family from being a mere actress is the greatest thing that will happen to you!"

Lin Wanwans grin faded.

Fan Xiaochen knew her enough to know that she was pissed off.

"Im sorry, but I dont care about the Fan family, no matter how lowly I am."

"You are asking for it!"

Fan Xiaochens mother was angered as well. She had been sheltered her entire life when had she ever faced such humiliation?

She was worried that Fan Xiaochen would never like women again, given how stubborn he was. So, she felt hopeful when he got close to Lin Wanwan.

At that moment, Lin Wanwans mobile rang.

Lu Zhanbeis voice came over. "Where are you?"

Lin Wanwan told him the address and added, "Could you come over?"

"Wait for me for fifteen minutes."


Lin Wanwan cut the call and folded her arms. "My boyfriend will be here soon. It doesnt matter what you do; I will marry Fan Xiaochen tomorrow if he agrees to break up with me." Her glare was in no way friendly.

Fan Xiaochen glanced at her as if he was asking for her intension.

Lin Wanwan replied with a calming look.

Seeing the pair exchanging looks, Fan Xiaochens parents were more determined to pair them up.

Fan Xiaochen was the only child of the Fan family, and they couldnt allow the name to die off!

After a while, Fan Xiaochens mother looked at the clock on the wall.

"Why is he still not here? Lin Wanwan, we can give you ten times whatever your boyfriend provides. This is your only chance, and it will be too late if you miss it. As for your boyfriend, we will give him sufficient compensation."

In Mrs. Fans eyes was the question, who could an actresss boyfriend be?

Just then, the door was pushed open.

Lu Zhanbeis voice came before him.

"Sufficient compensation? Sounds attractive."

Lu Zhanbeis voice was highly recognizable. It was deep and magnetic, and it also had a gentle grace.

"Honey, you are here!"