Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 So He Is Bisexual

Lin Wanwan stood up and walked towards him with curly eyes.

The expressions on the Fan parents faces changed drastically as they watched the young man take Lin Wanwan into his arms. "Having a date behind my back, eh?"

Lin Wanwan giggled. "Someone wants to force me into marrying their son. Do you agree?"

Lu Zhanbei took a seat with her hand in his lap and turned to the Fan couple with a harmless smile.

"How about talking me through the compensation before I make up my mind?"

The couple sensed danger in his voice.

"Mr. Lu"

Mrs. Fan could only say as her legs trembled.

Mr. Fan was more composed as he said with a hint of panic, "Im sorry, we had no idea that Ms. Lin is your girlfriend. This is just a misunderstanding."

Lin Wanwan held Lu Zhanbeis hand and asked, "Mrs. Fan, hows this for a boyfriend?"

Mrs. Fan recalled her words with a bitter heart.

She went overseas to clear her mind many times thanks to her son, and thats why she missed the local news.

Fan Xiaochen eased the situation as he turned to Lin Wanwan. "Alright, I promise that this will never happen again."

Lin Wanwans expression softened. Mrs. Fan took the chance and spoke with tears in her eyes. "Ms. Lin, I wish to witness my son having a wonderful family. As his mother, I fear him getting together with other men"

Although Lin Wanwan knew that she was putting on a front, it still touched her heart.

Why did she have to size her up when she could have said this from the start?

"Mrs. Fan, love is not defined by genders. Your son just happened to fall in love with a man, and it doesnt mean that he would never like a woman."

Mrs. Fan came to a sudden realization. "So, he is bisexual."

"Pfft!" Lin Wanwan couldnt control her laughter.

Mrs. Fan was already coming up with plans in her mind to pick the perfect wife for her son.

With Lu Zhanbeis presence, the Fan couples flare was extinguished immediately. They quickly found an excuse to leave without ever mentioning the intention to bring Fan Xiaochen with them.

Fan Xiaochen let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Lin Wanwan."

Lin Wanwan raised her brows. "Are you not going back to being a prince of the Fan family?"

Fan Xiaochen shook his head. "Not now, at least."

Facts had proven that Lin Wanwan didnt pick the wrong guy.

Since they had the chance to meet, Fan Xiaochen reported the important matters of the Lin Group to Lin Wanwan.

They were things like the beginning of the construction and related budget issues.

Lin Wanwan remembered them thoroughly.

After an hour of discussion, Lin Wanwan left the cafe with Lu Zhanbei.

Back at the studio, Lin Wanwan carried on with her shoot.

In the evening, Lu Zhanbei called to tell her that he would be overseas for business.

Three days later, Lin Wanwan got a call as she was brushing her teeth.

"Mom!" She rushed to pick it up.

"Wanwan, its the end of the month soon, would you be coming?"

"Of course, Ive taken my leaves. Ill be there tomorrow at around three in the afternoon."

"Ill be waiting."


Lin Wanwan would visit Yu Yun every couple of months. She had notified Gu Mo the day before, and he would be sending her off secretly as usual.