Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Hands Up Drop Your Weapon

The day passed quickly, and Lu Zhanbei showed no sign of coming back.

Lin Wanwan planned on staying for only a day, so she had no luggage when she headed for Lu Zhanbeis private airport.

To keep her visit a secret, she would be changing planes several times.

The white jet rose into the clouds.

Next to the airport, a slender hand pushed open the car door.

The girl in a white dress watched the plane disappear from her sight, and her lips curled into a wicked arc.

Her eyes cold, she grabbed her phone.

"Sir, Lin Wanwan has left."

Under Lu Zhanbeis protection, no one could track Lin Wanwan.

However, there was the organization.

The organization consisted of a majority of underground forces in the world.

Qi Junze spent millions to activate them for his plan.

No matter how many times Lin Wanwan changed her route, they could always find her.

When Lin Wanwan arrived in Country S, she drove alone with no guard.

Yu Yun loved peace and quiet, so she lived off the grid.

Lin Wanwan drove for a few hours and was almost falling asleep. Realizing that she didnt report her schedule to Lu Zhanbei, she put on her Bluetooth earbud and dialed his number.

"Lu Zhanbei, Ive arrived in Country S."



Lin Wanwan sensed his worry as she grinned. "This is not the first time Ive come here, and Im strong enough to protect myself."

"Ill pick you up at night and head back tomorrow."


"Call me when you arrive."

Lin Wanwan joked around. "You become so naggy whenever I go out alone. What happened to your mighty vibe?"

Lu Zhanbei ended the call right away.

Yo, was he mad?

Lin Wanwan chuckled as she picked up speed.

Thirty minutes later, she felt one of the tire pop. Gas was escaping before the car lost its balance.

Before the car flipped, Lin Wanwan leaped off the car, not forgetting to grab the pistol under her seat.

She lowered her body and realized that a sharp nail had pierced the tire.

Lin Wanwan grabbed her phone to call for help.

However, there was no time!

A barrage of footsteps came from every angle. Lin Wanwans expression changed. She quickly studied the structures around her and decisively hopped off the slide on the right and dashed for an abandoned factory.

Before she could reach the gate, it was pushed open, and plenty of armed guys marched out with helmets on their heads.

People were swarming out from other directions as well.

Clearly, it was an ambush.

Instantly, Lin Wanwan had nowhere to run.

"Hands up!"

Lin Wanwan made no rash decision, and she raised her hands.

"Drop your weapon!"

Lin Wanwans fingers loosened, and her pistol fell to the ground.

Seeing her attitude, the men lowered their guns a little, and one of the leaders walked toward her with handcuffs.

Lin Wanwan kicked his knee with all her strength.


A loud cry escaped his lips, and he collapsed to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A rain of bullets was fired.