Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094 Who Sent You?

She had jumped onto the mans shoulder, then her legs clamped his neck like a pair of scissors, and snapped!

The man died with his eyes wide open.

This was her first kill, but this might become normal. As long as she could protect herself and not put Lu Zhanbei in trouble, she regretted nothing!

Lin Wanwan was fast. With a tumble, she grabbed her gun and used the mans body as a shield.

Although he blocked many bullets for her, the attacks still had her scrambling for a way out. Fortunately, they didnt mean to kill her, and their bullets dodged her crucial organs.

This mess broke apart their formation.

Lin Wanwan took the chance and dashed out.

Her ability to recognize shots based on sounds came into play. She never looked back, but there seemed to be eyes on the back of her head as she carefully dodged the incoming bullets.

Lin Wanwan escaped into the woods.

The forest was huge, and the structure was complicated. After losing the guys, Lin Wanwan thought that she had earned some breathing ground. However, she was spotted within a minute!

She looked up and realized that there were cameras installed on the trees every few meters away.


After losing them again, Lin Wanwan ran to the bottom of the hill, not forgetting to blast the camera above her head.

She tried to contact Lu Zhanbei, but there was no signal.

"There she is!"

Hearing the call, Lin Wanwan was on the run again.

However, the place was only that big, and the difference in number was too large to ignore. She was like a tiny bird under a vast net, just waiting to be caught.

Under such circumstances, every minute seemed extraordinarily long.

Although Lin Wanwan was fit, constant running put a significant burden on her body.

She dared not stop and tried her best to drag out the chase.

The forest was dark, and Lin Wanwan saw a red dot moving about, trying to target her.

Her heart skipped a beat; there was a sniper nearby.


Despite Lin Wanwan dodging at her best speed, the bullet zoomed against her skin.

She had no backup and no bullet in her gun. Her opponent had thousands of men and advanced weaponry. Unless she could fly, there was no way she could escape!

Lin Wanwan clenched her teeth and continued roaming the woods despite the overbearing pain.

She wouldnt give up til the last second!

Suddenly, the view changed ahead of her.

She had made her way across the forest and was exposed under the bright sun.

She wanted to head back to the woods, but the footsteps coming closer changed her mind.

They were like hyenas after their prey. They closed in on her and forced her to a cliff by the waterfall.

Lin Wanwan knew very well that there was no way out.

"I give up."

She raised her hands and glared at the men pointing guns at her.

"Who sent you?"

"Its me."

Suddenly, the crowd made way, and Qi Junze walked over, wearing a pair of golden glasses.

He looked as graceful as before, but there was unforgettable darkness in his eyes.