Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Kneel Before Me

"Lin Wanwan, Im shocked to see your improvements. If my preparation werent complete, you might have gotten away."

The moment Lin Wanwan saw Qi Junze, her heart sank.

If it were anyone else, she could have surrendered for now and sought a chance to escape.

Qi Junze had taken significant losses from Lu Zhanbei and her, so there was no way that he would let them live!

"Qi Junze, I didnt expect you to track my location. Not too bad."

Although she was panicking, Lin Wanwan acted composed.

Qi Junze smirked. "Dont try to drag this out. You have two ways before you: work with me and live, or die."

Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue. "Dont take me for a fool. Why would you ever let your love rival live?"

Qi Junzes eyes turned cold. "Smart ones often die early."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "Since I will die anyway, why would I bring Lu Zhanbei here?"

While speaking, she glanced at the cliff.

"Great scenery for a long nap."

Qi Junzes expression changed slightly.

If Lin Wanwan died, he wouldnt be able to kill Lu Zhanbei. Instead, he would have to face his revenge.


Although Lin Wanwan was trapped, he was still the one being threatened.

Qi Junze hid his annoyance. He adjusted his glasses and covered his murderous intention.

"Ms. Lin, you know how much I love Tang Chen. For his sake, I wouldnt kill you."

Lin Wanwan pouted. "Who knows what you would do."

Qi Junze caught a hint of hesitance in her eyes, and his smile got brighter. "I will soon contact Tang Chen and let him protect you. Once Lu Zhanbei is dead, I will send you back to Xia country."

Lin Wanwan seemed to be swayed.


"I always keep my promise."

Qi Junze didnt believe that theres anyone who wasnt afraid of death.

Lin Wanwan bit her lips and said firmly after wondering for a minute, "In that case, I need you to kneel and make a vow."


Qi Junzes face sank. "Ms. Lin, you dont have the right to bargain."

Lin Wanwan smirked and walked straight to the edge of the cliff.

"Lin Wanwan!"

His urge for victory had won over as he yelled hurriedly.

"Stop. Ill do it!"

Lin Wanwan turned back. She could tell from his expression how much he wanted to tear her apart.


Qi Junzes expression changed as he slowly knelt with a finger in the air. "I swear that I would die of a horrible death if I lie to you! Ms. Lin, is this good enough?"

Lin Wanwan studied his posture and nodded.

"Very well."

Under the eyes of many who werent even his men, he knelt before a woman. Be it the pride of a man or the face of his clan, Qi Junze couldnt tolerate it, and his urge to kill rose.

After killing Lu Zhanbei, he would slice Lin Wanwan into pieces.

He held a hand out with a gentle smile. "Now, you can follow me, right?"

Lin Wanwan looked at him and beamed. "No."