Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Words That Hurt

There was no word to describe the look on Qi Junzes face.

Lin Wanwan had no fear as she laughed to insult him. "Qi Junze, Im curious how did you become the boss with such stupidity? Or did you think Im foolish enough to trust someone like you?

"I cant believe you took that seriously! Its no wonder that you would lose to Lu Zhanbei. Fools like you will never win against him!

"This explains why Tang Chen doesnt like you. Who would like a dumb person? Haha!"

Her laughter echoed across the mountain, and her words were like a tight slap to Qi Junzes face. Veins were popping on his forehead.

Every word of hers hit him where it hurt.

Qi Junzes face was twisted, and he completely lost his senses. All he wanted was to kill this woman!

"Kill her!"

He waved his hand, and dark gun barrels were pointed at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and dusted her shoulders. "I wont trouble you for that."

With her last word, she opened her arms and leaped off the cliff.

Her haunting voice came from below. "Qi Junze, Ill be waiting for you in hell!"

Qi Junze took a deep breath and walked to the edge of the cliff. It was too high and cloudy for him to see the bottom.

His face was terrifying as he ordered, "Send a search team; I want to see her dead or alive!"


Qi Junzes face was gloomy.

Lin Wanwan had wasted a few hours, and Lu Zhanbei could be here at any time. Without a hostage, he couldnt control Lu Zhanbei, and there would be a war between them!

He had to get prepared.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhanbei checked the time before boarding the plane.

Lin Wanwan should have arrived at Yu Yuns place, but there was no call.

Lu Zhanbei found Yu Yuns number. "Madam Yu, its me."

Before he stated his intention, Madam Yus worried voice came over. "Zhanbei, Wanwan told me that she would arrive at three in the afternoon, but its already past five. Why is she still not here? I couldnt contact her as well."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes squinted.

She must be in trouble!

"Zhanbei, why arent you talking?"

"Madam Yu, dont worry. Shes just jet-lagged, and I plan to have her rest in a hotel for two days." Telling Yu Yun the truth would only make her worried.

"What a relief. She can come whenever shes ready. Ill be waiting for her."


Lu Zhanbei cut the call and immediately contacted Mo Jiushang. "Gather up. We are going to Country S."

At midnight, Lu Zhanbei arrived in Country S.

It wasnt a big country, and it relied on Xia country in certain aspects.

When Lu Zhanbeis army appeared, the senator rushed over and invited Lu Zhanbei to his house.

Lu Zhanbei refused and moved into a place near the airport. Standing by the windowsill, he watched the flickering lights with a gaze as piercing as a blade.

The senator stood by him carefully.

At that moment, the door opened.

Mo Jiushang glanced at Lu Zhanbei. "Come here."

He laid a map on the table.

The map was detailed, and it included every hill and stream very clearly.